Tracy used to nibble at her meal, but it took her too much energy to contend with Hugo. Therefore, she began to wolf down the food.

"I want to have lunch, too."

Watching a servant push Louis to the table, Tracy did not say anything and dodged to smoothly make way for Louis.

"Add a set of cutlery for Master Louis." Jason sounded delighted.

Tracy thought that it must be pretty difficult to persuade Louis to have a meal, according to Jason's words.

The servants quickly placed the cutlery and even added a few dishes in an instant: black truffles, abalone, Australian walnuts and so on.

No wonder Louis said that what Tracy ate was slops. Tracy looked at the luxurious meal in front of Louis. What she had was nothing.

"Do you know why I said what you ate was slops compared to mine?"

Listening to Louis's sarcastic words, Tracy was not angry. She looked up and said patiently, "This is the most delicious food that I have ever eaten. Usually, I have to cook it myself. Now that someone has made it for me, I am satisfied. So whether the food tastes good depends on the eater's mood. You can't understand the happiness of a fish?"

"What fish?" Louis asked subconsciously.

Tracy laughed and thought to herself that he was still a child.

"This is an old saying in China. Just like now, you think your food is better than mine, but you don't understand that my own is the most delicious for me." Tracy looked at Louis's cute face and was tempted to pinch it.

The servants silent on both sides tried to stop Tracy but were stopped by Jason.

"How dare you pinch me?!"

Tracy saw Louis's serious countenance. He had such a domineering temperament at a young age. As an old saying went, "Like father, like son."

"I didn't pinch you hard." She spoke taking a big bite of her meal.

Louis then showed a look of the cold shoulder.

Tracy actually sympathized with this child. Although he acted arrogantly, looking at his pale and bloodless face, she suddenly melt. She did not know why she felt more than sympathy for this child.

After lunch, Louis left without saying anything. Tracy liked this child very much, but he obviously didn't like to contact others. He was cold to her all the time. Such a child with such a personality was so worrying.

But what she should worry about the most then was herself. Living with an erratic man, a room full of odd servants and a lonely child, she felt that she had walked into hell!

The Danish family's manor house was located at the foot of the TY Mountain. There was only a manor house. With mountain streams against exquisite buildings, it was magnificent. It was an imposing manner that no luxurious villa could compare with, matching the fame of the Danish family well.

"What are you thinking? You've been out of your mind since you came home."

Marvin stared at his brother, Hugo who was never distracted, and asked in a deep voice.

The backbone of the Danish family sat around a high table in the lobby, but all the attention was focused on Hugo and Marvin sitting at the head. After all, these two people were the real leaders of the Danish family now. One led the family group to join the BY Alliance and the other allowed the family organization to develop quickly and solidly.

But today, Hugo was obviously absent-minded sometimes. It was the first time that Hugo was seen to have such a disappointed countenance.

"It must be because of Louis's illness." Hugo's mother, Pearl Sandgren, sighed, causing a huge groan. Louis was now a part of the heart of the Danish family, and his illness affected everyone.

"Don't worry, Master. We've already been handling it. Master Louis will recover."

"Yes, yes."

At the mention of Louis, the figure of Tracy became clearer in Hugo's mind. (I have to hurry up to get that woman pregnant to save Louis.)

"I'm gonna go." He thought, standing up to leave.

"Hugo! What are you doing? Are you leaving now?!" Pearl's well-maintained face was full of worry, but her son was moving further away.

"Never mind, mom, let him," Marvin said in a deep voice.

"Yes, Pearl, if Gad hadn't asked Hugo to marry that woman before, this wouldn't have happened. Hugo is worried about the child now."

Pearl listened to the persuasion. Her look turned cold. "It's all that old guy's fault! I'll give him a lesson when he comes back!"

Hearing Pearl's words, everyone looked at each other and kept silence.

After lunch, Jason did not hustle Tracy upstairs, but he still kept a close watch on her.

"Ahem, Jason, do you have tea? I'm used to drinking tea after lunch." Tracy deliberately talked some more.

"Yes, Miss Raber," Jason said with a smile.

Seeing him wave at a servant, Tracy felt that Jason was very kind when he didn't plot against her.

"Well... Can you tell me what's going on?" she asked tentatively, but was answered, "No."

Tracy felt as if she had fallen into an ice hole. It was not good to have expectations abortive.

"Seriously? It's not a secret of State!" she lowered her head and muttered.

"Master Hugo will tell you about this personally. None of us have the right to interfere in his affairs."

Hearing Jason's words, Tracy wondered how terrible a person Hugo was. Even his subordinates were so afraid of him.

"This is the tradition of the Danish family. Rules are the highest."

Tracy gazed at Jason a little frightened. (How can he know what I am thinking?)

"Miss Raber, I hope you can understand that what you have now is a glory that no one else can ask for."

Tracy had just taken a sip of tea and was about to praise it. Hearing the words, she spat out a mouthful of tea. (Am I going to marry an emperor?)

"Jason, as you said, shall I thank you for kidnapping me here. I'm urgent. There are a lot of cultural relics to repair, and an annual meeting to perform. I don't need the glory!" she turned to look at Jason and said, anxiously thinking that she still had so much work.

Suddenly, she found that Jason's countenance was strange. Not only Jason but all the bodyguards and servants looked at her in shock.

"What's wrong?" As she finished, she suddenly felt a cold wind envelop her, and a gaze seemed to pierce her.

Trembling, she turned her head and saw Hugo staring at her coldly. There was a spray of water on his expensive suit. She suddenly felt a disaster was coming.

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