"Stop that look. I don't feel sorry for you." Hugo said coldly. Tracy reminded him of the time when they got married. She pretended to be sick and tricked him back from abroad. However, Tracy turned out to be fine. Moreover, she even happily asked why he came back. Thinking of this, Hugo doubted her again.

Seeing Hugo's wary look, Tracy didn't even bother to explain, although she minded him being suspicious.

"Whatever. I don't need your pity. I'm on my period and I have laid on the bed for a whole day. And I have to chat with Master Louis to cheer him up. If you were me, could you handle it all? If you could, you had my respect." Tracy said.

Then she gave him a disdain look, ending the conversation.

Hugo didn't know how to respond. After a few years, she changed into an utterly different woman who he found unfamiliar with.

"Keep lying down. Snow will ask you to eat later." he said.

Then Hugo left. Tracy looked at his back wondering. (Do I really know him before? He sounds convincing.)

Jason followed Hugo out with a melancholy face, "Mr. Danish. Miss Raber, she..."

"What's wrong?"

"She may really lose her memory."

Hugo walked into the study and frowned at Jason's words.

"I followed up on what you asked me to investigate last time and found many doubts."

"Jason, I don't know you are a detective?" Hugo sat in his chair and sneered.

"I just want to help!" Jason answered in a voice neither servile nor overbearing.

Hugo raised his eyebrows and said, "You used to serve my father and spent most of your life in the Danish family. Of course, I believe in you. Tell me, what did you find out?"

Jason was a smart man and understood the implication.

"Miss Raber lost her memory in a car accident six years ago. Her parents got divorced, and then Miss Raber and her adopted brother lived with her mother. Then her mother died a year later. So Miss Raber and her brother lived together..."

"Hmph! It's obvious that Grunt has ulterior motives. Brother? Only Tracy, the fool, would believe it!" Hugo broke in.

"Mr. Danish, do you think he's the reason for Miss Raber's affair? And today, I find this." Jason took out a piece of paper and put it on the table.

Hugo saw the big word "Missing" on the paper. He looked sullen, crumpled the paper, and threw it into the basket.

"Grunt must have known something. He did it on purpose." He said firmly and didn't care about who he was talking about.

"Mr. Danish, aren't you going to explain the situation to Miss Raber?" Jason asked.

"I'll tell her myself, " Hugo sighed and added helplessly, "But look at her. I can't communicate with her at all."

"The amnesia might change Miss Raber's personality. But I think she's much better now than before. At least she can say something bravely." Jason said and threw up his hands.|

"She was bold before and did a lot of crazy things under my nose, even abandoning her son. At last, she got into a car accident. She deserved it!" Hugo suddenly said in a cold voice. Although Tracy looked innocent now, she did abandon her child. The thought of Louis aroused Hugo's hatred for her.

"You're right. I will keep an eye on her." Jason whispered.

"Clear all of the missing notices on the street tomorrow." Hugo pointed at the rumpled paper.

"The dinner is ready. Please go to eat downstairs." Atlas stood at the door and said in a deep voice.

"Ask Snow to call her. She needs to be healthy enough to get pregnant as soon as possible. Also, ask the doctor to check why she's afraid of the cold." Hugo said as if Tracy was just a baby machine for him.

Jason nodded and sighed.

"Jason, what happened to Mr. Danish?" Atlas secretly asked Jason when Hugo went downstairs first.

"Atlas, you are a member of the Danish family. You should know better that we shouldn't pry into master's business." Jason said indifferently with a sense of distance.

Atlas scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

Hugo was sitting at the dining table downstairs, and the servants stood up nervously.

"Mr. Danish, you should eat first," Atlas said softly.

Atlas stepped back awkwardly because of Hugo's stare. The atmosphere suddenly turned heavy. Atlas understood that Hugo decided the life of everyone in this house, even in the Danish family. So he did not dare say anything.

" Miss Raber said she didn't want to eat."

"Master Louis said he didn't have the appetite."

Snow and Alp went downstairs to report in unison. Then they made eye contact and lowered their heads.

Hugo slammed the table and shouted, "Louis can't take medicine without eating, don't you know?"

Alp lowered his head more. He didn't say anything but flushed with shame.

"It's my fault not to look after Master Louis."

The servants became nervous. Master Louis often didn't eat his meal, but it was the first time they saw Mr. Danish raged.

"Mr. Danish, calm down. I'll go take a look." Jason said quickly and signed Alp and Snow to follow him upstairs.

Hugo didn't know what was wrong with him. Looking at the food, he was inexplicably distressed. The thought of Grunt's missing notice made him furious. (Why did he put up the notice?! Why did he care about her?!)

Feeling anxious, he went upstairs. Atlas followed him.

On the bed, Tracy was drowsy. Because of her low blood pressure, she had a serious migraine. (Damn. God is so unfair to women. Only we have menstruation!)

Suddenly, someone appeared in front of her and lifted her up with a big hand.

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