As expected, Hugo ignored her and left with his burly bodyguards. Tracy breathed a sigh of relief.

She didn't wear her previous clothes because she felt that they smelled of Hugo. Now, even his name reminded her of what he had done to her, but she could do nothing about it. Her phone had been taken away, which secluded her from the outside world. She couldn't stand up to Hugo under her own steam and hoped she could contact her brother who would definitely be able to help her out.

Looking out the window at the heavy snow, Tracy started to get worried.

The Danish Group was divided into two parts, one pertaining to trade outside the clan, the other responsible for the trade within the clan. Both parts were thriving and if they hadn't shared the same name and been affiliated with the Danish Group, people would have mistaken them as leading enterprises in different fields. As a result, the mysterious Danish family had been gaining increasing attention.

To put it bluntly, Hugo's mission was to maintain the foundation of the Danish family, which he excelled at. Not only had he kept the foundation of the family, but he'd also made his family business prosperous. Therefore, he was very much revered in the family and no one was more anticipated to be the next family leader than he was.

After the meeting, the first thing he did when he returned to the office was to tell the butler to buy a carpet. He curled his lips at the thought that she had the awful habit of walking barefoot on the ground.

"Master Hugo, is the carpet for..."

Hugo interrupted Atlas by throwing the documents on the table to him. "Don't be nosy. Focus on your work. You are also a member of the Danish family. Your brother is doing a really good job in the company. Make him your example."

"I'll, Master Hugo," Atlas replied in a low voice.

Someone knocked on the door at this moment. A man resembling Atlas walked in with a smile. He was Atlas' brother, Kratos. Both of them were from the Danish family and worked in the company.

"Did my brother make you angry again, Master Hugo?" Kratos jested.

"No," Hugo replied curtly, which embarrassed Kratos a little. He gave hollow laugh and changed the subject. "Miss Lankford and Senior Mrs. Danish are here."

Hugo rubbed his head and said quietly, "Let them in."

Kratos nodded and walked out. Yvonne and Pearl soon came in.

"It's really hard to see you now. I actually need to make an appointment to meet my own son," Pearl said with a straight face and looked at Hugo. She was wearing a tailored white woolen coat and even when she made a dig about her son, she looked elegant and demure.

"Don't be angry, Senior Mrs. Danish. Hugo is just busy with his work," Yvonne said. She was in white and her every move was as ladylike as Pearl's. She'd grown up with Hugo and her uncle had married his aunt, which made them relatives. Pearl liked Yvonne very much and had meant to fix her up with Hugo. However, Tracy had come out of nowhere and ruined her plan. After Hugo got divorced, Pearl resumed match-making him and Yvonne but Hugo appeared uninterested, which bothered Pearl a lot.

"I was in a meeting just now." Hugo got up and walked to sit on the sofa opposite them. Pearl was a headache for both him and his brother. Once Hugo saw her appear with Yvonne, he understood what she was up to.

"When Yvonne came back from abroad, you should have gone picked her up," Pearl said reproachfully.

"Yvonne, when are you going back?" Hugo asked.


"That's an unfitting question. Yvonne is no longer a little girl. It's time for her to find herself a man and settle down. Am I right, Yvonne?" Pearl said in a voice thick with implication though she was well aware that both of her sons wouldn't bend to her will just because she insisted. "Yvonne is an excellent young lady. She'll find her Mr. Right," Hugo replied. Just when he was racking his brains to spin an excuse to escape, the phone on his table rang. "Excuse me," he said and got into the lounge on the left side of his office.

"Don't worry, Yvonne. He's a little reserved but hasn't dated any woman in years. He'll regret it if he misses you," Pearl soothed Yvonne who looked woebegone.

"But Tracy..."

"Don't mention that woman. I've never seen anyone more shameless than her. The Raber family used the relationship between our two families generations ago to marry her into the Danish family in order to get our help. Otherwise, she stood no chance of being accepted by us." Pearl still got angry at the mention of that.

Hugo strode out of the lounge with a darkened face and said grimly, "Mom, let Kratos keep you company if you want to go anywhere. I get to handle some emergency." He then left his office in a hurry before Pearl and Yvonne responded.

"What's wrong with her?" Hugo asked as soon as he dashed through the door.

"Miss Raber is having a stomachache, but she was reluctant to talk about it and wouldn't let us call in a doctor."

After hearing Jason's words, Hugo bolted upstairs. He knew that Tracy couldn't fool Jason and must be feeling really uncomfortable. Pushing the door open with a frown, he saw a lump on the bed and when he walked over to lift the covers, he was startled by how pale Tracy's face was.

Tracy opened her eyes and saw Hugo in front of her. She opened her mouth to say something but the cramps in her lower abdomen and the burning pain in her throat forbade her. She went through hell every time her period came and this time a sore throat made her suffer even more.

"Why did you come back?" She managed to ask but her voice cracked and awkwardly sounded like that of Donald Duck.

Hugo was shocked that her voice was that hoarse.

"Look at what you did to me. What else do you want?" Tracy reached out her hands to push him away but was too weak to move him a bit.

"I thought you were dying. Why don't you let Jason call in a doctor for you?" Hugo was amused by her behavior but kept his expression solemn.

"No doctor!" Tracy said hastily. Period cramps wouldn't kill her but the embarrassment of explaining the situation to a doctor would.

Hugo took a deep breath and said, "Then you should take some pills."

"I don't need pills!" Tracy blushed. (How am I going to tell him it's period cramps?!)

"Miss Raber, have some ginger tea." Snow walked in with a tray in her hands.

Hugo looked at the ginger tea and pressed his lips, finally realizing what was wrong with Tracy.

Tracy had never ever felt so embarrassed in her life. Hugo knew she was thin-skinned and motioned for Jason and Snow to leave them alone.

The bloodstain on the sheets made Tracy cringe. She said in a flustered voice, "I'll wash it clean."

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