The servants around them all breathed a sigh of relief. Tracy fed the kid carefully. Her behavior warmed Hugo's heart.

"Mr. Danish, do you want to prove Miss Raber's identity to her now?" Jason stood at the door of Hugo's study and asked.

"No. Although she was really in a car accident before, we have to find out whether she got amnesia, and whether she regained her memory in the past few years."

Hugo remained sceptical of Tracy. Tracy had just reached the door when she heard his words. She blushed scarlet and froze where she stood. She wanted to explain but didn't know what to say. She lost her memory and couldn't recall anything of that time.

"Miss Raber." When Jason turned around and saw her, he didn't seem surprised.

"Let her in."

Tracy's heart was thumping as Hugo's deep voice came. She had a sense of dawning horror of Hugo. Although she was stubborn, she knew that she wouldn't be messing with Hugo.

Hugo's study was equivalent to the size of two classrooms. A table made of phoebe nanmu was put in the central part. Everything from writng brushes to ink lay on the table. Tracy was attracted by these objects of his study as soon as she entered the room. She saw at a glance that the table was from the Qing Dynasty. She didn't know much about ink, but she could be sure that it must be a superior ink due to the ink fragrance in the room. On second thought, Hugo was a man of high standing, and couldn't have ordinary objects.

Hugo sat down at this table and idly gazed at her. A painting, bamboo in snow, was hung on the wall behind him. It was a precious authentic work of a master. How dare he hung it in this place!

"You put so many antiques at home. What if they're stolen?" Tracy blurted due to a force of habit. Then she felt that she was a little nosy. Hugo's playful eyes unnerved her, so she shifted her eyes at once.

"It seems that you're not familiar with here. Come on. Let's go around."

Before Tracy could think, he pulled her out.

"I, I don't want to go. It's too cold outside." It had a heavy snow outside. Tracy looked at the silk dress on her body and felt a creeping chill.

Just then a coat was threw around her. The two servants at the door had already gotten her shoes. It seemed that she had to go out.

"I, I'm not good with cold. Could we not go out?" she asked tentatively. Hugo gave her a glimpse. She pouted, put on her shoes slowly, and continued with her grievance.

"You have to give me a parka. This coat is not warm enough." She raised her head and said sullenly. Her cheeks went pink as she bowed to wear shoes, which was a stark contrast with her fair skin. She looked so lovely.

"Get her a parka." At Hugo's command, the servants quickly worked.

These servants were so scared that they did Hugo's bidding. This guy was definitely a terrible person. Tracy felt some apprehension at once.

"Fate is cruel to me. I can't believe that poor people like me had been kidnapped. Besides, I have to get on with this unreasonable animal. It's necessary for me to burn incense and pray..." Tracy dared not to express her thoughts aloud but muttered as she usually did when cleaning up artifacts. It sounded like the chanting in the temple.

But Hugo caught what she said and squinted at her. A servant took an oversized parka for Tracy. She felt much warmer after putting on it.

"Thank you." She thanked the servant politely, but the servant was at a loss as if she had said strange words.

She was wrapped up and looked as fat as a penguin. Hugo wore a black slim-cut woolen coat standing at the door. He was long-legged, slim and handsome. What a sharp contrast they were!

Tracy fed the kid for dinner and ate a lot. Hugo showed her around the house. It could help her to digest. However, she felt stressed for walking along with him.

"Ahem, Let's go back? It's too cold." She said dryly and didn't know what to say. (Someone had to speak first. She was in a passive situation and should be proactive) "I need to talk to you."

She wore a big hat, lowered her head and obscured her vision. She could only tell the direction by the sound of his footsteps and busied herself with walking. Suddenly, she hit herself on a wall. Tracy immediately looked up and found that she had banged into Hugo's arms. He held her tightly. She tried to break free but failed.

"Why did you stop?" She said angrily.

The big hat of her oversized parka almost covered her whole face. She tried to hold her head up and reproachful words came oozing out of her mouth. But Hugo could only see her roseate lips, which was a fatal attraction for him. It took all his self-control not to kiss her but to tighten his arms.

He reached out and pulled back her big hat so that she could get a view.

"Look around." He raised his eyebrows and stared at her smugly.

Tracy looked around. Trees came into her sight and everything was okay. Then she turned to look at Hugo in confusion, and didn't understand what he meant.

"Security guards patrol here day and night. I got the new security system of Apollo Security Group here. Surveillance cameras cover the main exits and places that you don't notice. The moment an stranger came in or a person went out, these security guards will instantly detect it. They're highly trained and can defeat mercenaries. So I don't worry that anyone covets my possession. Of course, it's also impossible that my belongings leave this house."

Hugo said in an overbearing manner. His eyes seemed to be as cold as the surrounding snow, which were cast at Tracy. Tracy was so illogical that his words put her through some hell.

"You want to tell me that thieves can't get in here, don't you? You can just do this in the room instead of coming out." She rolled her eyes and said softly.

Hugo's face darkened instantly. Tracy quickly shut up. It was so cold that she stamped her feet to keep warm.

Hugo gritted his teeth, pulled her to go back and there was a trace of resignation in his eyes.

"Go back?" Tracy asked curiously.

Hugo didn't reply. Tracy felt a sudden warmth from her hand. She looked down and saw that he was holding her hand.

But what he had just said floated into her mind. Her astonishment was increased by every review of it. Wait! He didn't emphasize that the thief couldn't enter, but told her that she couldn't escape.

With hindsight, Tracy realized his real purpose at that time. What a sly man!

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