Hugo walked to the door, and two servants came out and nodded respectfully to him.


"Have you bathed her? Is she hurt?" He asked in a deep voice.

"She has a few bruises. We've already changed her medicine." The servant replied calmly.

"Then you can leave."

(Do I hit her too hard? Why hasn't she woken up yet?) Hugo walked into the room and saw the person lying on the bed bathed in sunshine. Tracy still looked so young and elegant. Six years passed, and she looked as beautiful as before. She had a scholarly air, but Hugo had thought that she was dull.

But things changed.

Looking at his clothes, Hugo thought he had to see her in a new light, but the most important thing was to have a child with her as soon as possible to save Louis's life. When Hugo thought of Louis, his eyes which landed on the woman suddenly became cold and sharp.

Tracy had a splitting headache and felt as if she had a hangover. When she opened her eyes in a daze, she found that Hugo, the crazy man, was looking at her coldly.

Tracy quickly sat up with a vigilant look. When feeling her body cold, she looked down and found her naked!

"Where are my clothes?" She looked embarrassed and questioned subconsciously.

"Are you naked? That's good. It'll make things so much easier."

Hearing his words, Tracy couldn't understand what he meant, but he pounced on her at that time. She felt colder as Hugo lifted the only quilt covering her body!

"You rascal!" Feeling ashamed of his evil gaze, Tracy could only cover her breasts with her hands.

"I'm not interested in you. As long as you give birth to my child, I won't even glance at you."

Seeing Hugo unbuckle his belt, Tracy knew that he was not joking.

"You stop! Don't come over. I don't know you! Why did you ask me to give you a child? There must be a misunderstanding! Ah!" Tracy was suddenly pressed under his body and felt the hot body above her.

Helpless and ashamed, she struggled desperately.

"You rapist! If you dare to do it, I will call the police. No matter who you are, you must be punished!" Tracy grabbed the bedside table and tried to get up, which made her fingers bloody. However, she couldn't feel the pain then.

(I have been strict with myself, so I won't allow myself to be raped!)

"I'm a rapist? Do you forget when you drugged me? You gave birth to Louis for the benefit of your Raber family! Then you abandoned Louis for another man! Compared to your vicious behavior, I'm much kinder." Hugo said coldly and caressed her sensitive body, causing Tracy to tremble.

"Humph! You're playing hard to get. You pretend you don't know me, but your body welcomes me."

His sarcastic words made Tracy gasp. She even felt a trace of hatred from his tone.

"I'm not the kind of woman! I don't know you! Please let me go!" Tracy was really scared now. At first, Tracy had thought that Hugo was a lunatic, but she was frightened when knowing he had hatred in his heart, for a man with hatred could do anything.

Tracy struggled with all her strength. Even if Hugo held her tightly, she didn't give up. Although she was a virgin, she could obviously feel his hard cock. She had to defend her dignity until she died!

"Don't know me? Listen, my name is Hugo Danish! Six years ago, you married me and tricked me into sleeping with you. After you got pregnant and gave birth to a baby, you abandoned the baby. Now I need you to give birth to a second baby. After that, you can leave freely!"

As Hugo spoke, he pulled her chin mercilessly. In a prone position, Tracy found it hard to turn her head. Hugo's violent behavior made Tracy grimace and red marks emerged on her fair skin.

"I won't have a baby with you! I can't have a baby either!" Tracy hurriedly said when racing her mind. It was impossible to defeat him in terms of physical strength. Now she could only come up with an idea to save her virginity first!

"I have a cold and have got a drip of antibiotics. If I get pregnant during this period, the baby will be deformed!"

Hearing her words, Hugo frowned as expected.

"Woman, you lied to me."

Tracy was shocked and hurriedly raised her hand, "Look, I got an injection today!"

There was a drip of tape on the back of her fair and well-shaped hand.

Tracy breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the man get up from her body.

"Since it's not good for you to get pregnant now, just stay here until you recover."

(I thought he could let me go, but I don't expect him to say that!)

Tracy quickly got up and then grabbed the quilt to cover herself, looking at him warily.

"You'd better listen to me and stay here!"

Tracy wanted to say something else, but Hugo didn't give her a chance and strode out of the room.

(Don't say more to provoke him again.)

In a few hours with Hugo, Tracy felt his cruelty and intimidating manner. But why did he force her to give birth to his child?

Tracy wouldn't naively think that he had feelings for her. There must be a misunderstanding between them, but the most important thing was how to escape from here!

"Keep an eye on her and don't let her escape. Find a doctor to see when she can have a conception and get her more tonics these days."

"Yes, sir." The butler bowed his head and replied respectfully, "The SY Group has contacted us and shown their willingness to talk to you about the acquisition. Fred is begging us now."

"They finally can't sit still." Hugo sneered as if he had seen through everything, "I'll go first. Keep an eye on her. Desperate times, desperate measures. By the way, find out what happened to her in the past few years."

Hugo left after saying that.

Tracy changed into the clothes brought by the servants and began to walk around the room. She was anxious as she heard what Hugo had told his men just now. She had to run away quickly! Seeing Hugo take the bodyguards out, she knew it was time to run.

She turned around and saw the blue and white porcelain bottle in the cabinet next to her. An idea struck her, but it was a pity that the porcelain bottle was precious and rare.

She gritted her teeth and threw the porcelain bottle to the ground. And then, she cleared her throat and shouted, "Ah!"

"What's wrong with you, madam?" The butler strode in with two servants and asked.

"It's okay. I accidentally dropped the bottle." Tracy pretended to be in a daze and edged to the door. She had observed that there were only butlers and servants in the house, and the bodyguards had left with Hugo. As long as she could dodge them, she could run away.

"You're not hurt, are you?" The butler turned around and asked. Although he said politely, his tone was steely.

"It's okay," Tracy said as she ran out of the house. She had been exercising and could run as quickly as a rabbit. She was confident that the old housekeeper and the servants couldn't catch up with her.

Tracy ran out of the villa in one go and opened the door. When she saw the man outside and planned to stop her pace, she bumped into the man.

Outside the door were Hugo and his bodyguards. Tracy was desperate suddenly. The moment she saw hugo, her heart sank.

"Sir, you guessed right." The butler walked out and said calmly.

Tracy stood there blankly and then saw Hugo waving his hand. The bodyguard came up to grab her arms and carried her back to the hell-like house.

"Hugo! You lunatic! Pervert! It is illegal imprisonment!" Tracy shouted but was still dragged into the house.

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