Tracy was lying on the bed, sneezing for no reason. Somehow, she had a bad feeling. (Anything happened in the store or the company?) she wondered.

She got up nervously. Just as she was about to go out, she saw two servants standing at the door. She was startled and asked, "Are you going to keep standing here?"

However, her words were like a stone thrown into stagnant water and no one responded. There were a man and a woman, and they said nothing, looking unhappy.

"Okay, I know you're angry. I didn't mean to lie to you just now. You know how uncomfortable it is to be imprisoned. Anyone would try to escape by instinct. You can understand, right?" As Tracy spoke, she looked at the man and then the woman, but they remained silent.

"Miss Raber, please don't waste your time. They won't say another word without the master's permission." The old butler walked over and said gently.

Looking at the wise old man, Tracy knew he was a sophisticated figure, just like Alfred by the side of Batman, and it was hard to deal with him.

"May I know your name, Sir?" No matter what kind of person the butler was, Tracy firmly believed that there was space for communication.

"You can call me Jason," the butler nodded and said politely.

(Well, what a coincidence,) Tracy thought.

"Jason, I believe you're a reasonable person. No matter who your master was, he didn't have the right to lock me up here. It's against the law. " She spoke righteously, believing that it would scare him to mention the law.

However, Jason only smiled gently, not intimidated by Tracy's words at all.

"Miss Raber, you're joking. This is your home. How can you say that the master kidnapped you?"

"You said that again!" Tracy sighed, "This is not my home, and I don't know you! You look quite smart. Why can't you understand? I've said it hundreds of times. You've mistaken me for someone else!"

Jason frowned but soon regained his composure.

"Don't worry, Miss Raber. The master won't recognize the wrong person. Please calm down. The master will explain everything to you tonight."

"Jason, Hugo is a man, not god, and he will make mistakes. I'm in a hurry now and I don't have time to wait for your master, and I have no obligation to wait here," Tracy said sternly.

Jason's expression became solemn, but he managed to calm down in the end. It was hard for Tracy to expect what he was thinking.

"Miss Raber, I think I need to make it clear to you that the Danish family is a god-like existence. Master will not mistake you for someone else."

Hearing this, Tracy was a little shocked. Jason was not only sophisticated but also quite stern. She realized that Jason was not a role that she could handle.

Perhaps sensing that his tone was inappropriate, Jason smiled brightly and said, "It's lunchtime. The food is ready, Miss Raber. Please have lunch downstairs."

Tracy was surprised. She didn't expect that she could have lunch here.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll run away?" She tentatively walked out of the room, but the two servants did not stop her or even look at her.

"Master said that if you run away again, he will break your legs."

It was such a cruel thing, but Jason said it so naturally. It could be seen how cruel he was.

If she hadn't been forced to live here, Tracy really wanted to look at the residence carefully.

Antique carvings and garden corridors, which was a perfect combination of modern and classical. She had to admit that this was an exquisite place.

There was a dining table in the courtyard, with curtains hanging to the left and right, dancing with the wind. In front of the dining table was a huge round carved French window. When having meals, one could see the scene outside through the window. It was poetic.

However, facing the table full of delicious food and beautiful scenery, Tracy was too embarrassed to do anything.

Behind her stood a row of bodyguards. Jason and the two servants were standing on either side of her, which made her feel more like a prisoner under surveillance.

"Would you like to join me?" she said awkwardly.

"Thank you, but this is only for you, Miss Raber," Jason said.

Tracy already knew who Jason was, and she also knew that she could not get any benefits from him, so she gave up talking to him and turned to speak to the servants.

"You two look similar to each other. Are you a couple?" She said with a smile. She was the most popular person in the company because of her gentle smile.

"Miss Raber, I said that without the master's permission, no one in this house dares to talk to you except me."

Tracy cursed in her heart after listening to Jason's words and began to have lunch by herself resentfully.

"Who is this?"

Just as Tracy was eating, a childish but cold voice sounded. She subconsciously turned around and her eyes lit up.

"What a beautiful child!" She couldn't help exclaiming. She stood up and smiled at the little boy in the wheelchair.

"Master Louis," Jason said respectfully.

(Young master? Is the boy Hugo's son?) Tracy looked at the little boy and thought. The boy was only five or six years old, but he looked cold and mature, and there was a trace of cruelty in his eyes. Tracy could understand that it was natural for a kid who grew up in such a rich family to have a strange character. It seemed that he was not quite healthy. Tracy remembered that when Hugo kidnapped her, he seemed to say that his son was sick.

"Why are you looking at me?"

Being observed by Tracy, the boy asked angrily.

"Because you're handsome." Tracy had a way to deal with children, and she was confident in getting along with the most tricky kid.

The boy's originally cold expression changed slightly. As if he was angered by Tracy's words, he glared at Tracy coldly and stopped talking.

Tracy was looking at the child, not noticing that Jason's gaze was moving back and forth between her and the child.

Although it was awkward to be ignored, Tracy decided not to care about the kid's cold attitude since she was an adult. After a few seconds, she took the initiative to ask, "Do you want to have lunch with me?"

The little boy looked contemptuous and snorted, "Those are pig food. I won't eat them."

(He is really Hugo's son, I guess. He is as mean as his father,) Tracy thought.

"Well, forget it." Tracy was not angry. After all, he was a child, and he looked pitiful in the wheelchair.

She began to eat on her own, but it was strange that she didn't feel as uncomfortable as before when she was being watched by others.

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