Tracy didn't expect to be tied up and imprisoned one day.

She lay on the ground in an uncomfortable gesture, and then a pair of shiny shoes appeared.

Just looking at the shoes, she knew who was coming. Tracy then moved clumsily like a penguin, regardless of her image.

"Do you know what you're doing? You're just bullying me!"

"I bullied you?" Hugo looked down at her coldly and muttered.

Tracy met her eyes and felt oppressive. Only four words came to her mind, "The ruler of the world!"

Hugo turned around to wave, then the bodyguards stepped forward to untie Tracy. Tracy was relieved in an instant, but her hands and feet were numb, and her heart palpitated when she moved.

All of a sudden, she was grabbed up, and her numb hands and feet were horribly uncomfortable. She was upset, "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Tracy wanted to yell at him but couldn't remember his name due to the anxiety.

Looking at his dark eyes, she instinctively sensed a hint of danger. And she shrank back, staring at him nervously.

Tracy was a charming woman. Her sudden movements made her look even more appealing.

"I'll let you go now. You can go wherever you want. But I don't think you can get out of here on your own. My name is Hugo. If you forget my name again, I have plenty of ways to punish you." There was undetectable hoarseness in his voice, making him sound even more seductive.

Listening to Hugo's words, Tracy swallowed nervously. For some reason, she heard a hint of flirtation in his words. Looking at his charming face, she somehow thumped.

(However, this doesn't seem to be the point right now!)

"Nonsense. How about that, you withdraw all your men and see if I can get out of here?" Thinking of what he had just said, Tracy's anger was ignited.

"Are you really stupid? Or are you pretending to be stupid? Do you still want to pretend at this time? How much patience do you think I have for you?" As Hugo spoke, he slowly approached her.

Tracy subconsciously stepped back but went against the cold wall behind her. Now, she had no way out.

"I really don't know you. How many times do you want me to say it? My name is Tracy Raber. I'm just a staff member of the Cultural Security Department. Take a good look at me and see if you have mistaken me for someone else?" She said helplessly and intended to slip away under his arm, but Hugo trapped her between the wall and him with his two arms.

"Tracy! It doesn't matter if you don't tell the truth. I am telling you, no matter what you do now, I won't be interested in you. So don't waste your time!"

Hugo frowned and said impatiently. In fact, he was also restless inside. They were so close to each other that her elegant fragrance affected him irresistibly. It seemed the aura could numb his nerves and make him unable to keep sober.

He withdrew his arms and stared at her with a fake smile.

Looking at his smile, Tracy subconsciously covered her chest.

"What are you doing?" Hugo asked with a frown.

"I'm afraid you'll do something inappropriate," she hurriedly said.

"Who do you think you are? Do you think I want to touch you? If I didn't need you to have a child with me, I wouldn't even want to see you! Stay here until you give birth to the child, and then you can go wherever you like!"

The more Hugo spoke, the colder his tone became. In the end, he got furious.

But Tracy couldn't understand why he got so mad.

"Hey, hey, hey, are you insane? It seems that I am the one who should be angry now!" She shouldn't let him bully her and must fight back!

The butler was amused after walking in and hearing the conversation between them.

"Sir, the people from the Mansion called and asked you to go back to discuss the guest list for the annual family dinner."

The butler's words saved her. She watched Hugo glare at her and hold back his words before she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Keep an eye on this woman. If she runs away again, you can do anything to take her back."

Hugo said harshly and walked out of the room without looking at her.

Tracy was about to follow up and argue with him, but two servants at the door stopped her. Looking at their frightening eyes, she did not doubt that if she rushed out, they would break her legs.

She turned to walk to the window. Seeing Hugo walk out of the door overbearingly, followed by his bodyguards, Tracy felt she was so powerless. But when she thought that she was now like a bird trapped in a cage, she was furious.

"Hugo!" She stretched out her neck and shouted. Almost everyone downstairs turned to look at her. Being stared at by so many people, Tracy helplessly held back her curses. And then she scolded at a normal volume and quickly shrank back into the room. (He probably couldn't hear what I was saying from so far away.)

Tracy stood by the window and watched Hugo walk out of the gate with his bodyguards. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief. She was scared after thinking about if she had yelled it out. (Would he go back and strangle me?

When her mother died, she hoped that Tracy could be a sensible and polite lady. Tracy also believed that no one would get mad at someone who smiled at him. As long as she asked for the whole story, she could explain it to him!

Hugo got into the car. The black glaze reflected a luxurious luster. Under the sunlight, the hidden pattern of the Sun and Auspicious Clouds covered the whole car. It was a unique emblem of the Danish family, representing the sunrise in the east.

"Atlas, what did she just say?" Hugo looked at the assistant beside him and asked. Atlas had learned how to read others' lips since he was a child, so he could easily tell what Tracy had said. But he hesitated for a while and did not answer. "What's wrong? Is this difficult for you? It seems that I should train you more." Hugo was strict and wouldn't even show mercy to his assistant, who had been with him for years, at a critical time. This was Hugo. Ten years in the army made him ruthless. Everyone must follow his rules.

"Mr. Danish, it's not that I couldn't read it but that I didn't dare to tell you."

It was the first time Hugo had seen Atlas stammer.

"The first rule of family training is not to be hesitant, as it can only bring you endless trouble." He looked ahead and said coldly.

Atlas looked anxious and said in a deep voice, "Sure, I see."

"What Miss Raber said just now is, Fuck you!"

"What?" Hugo's face turned sullen. (How dare that woman to scold me?)

The bodyguards in the car were silent, breathing carefully, and didn't want to offend Hugo accidentally at that moment.

(Tracy! You are quite bold now. How dare you scold me? If I didn't have something crucial to deal with, I would have turned back to torture her!)

"Go faster. I will deal with nothing except the family annual meeting. I need to go back as soon as possible."

Atlas looked at Hugo's expression and replied calmly, "Sure, Mr. Danish."

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