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Get Lost!

In the dark night he leaned over and kissed her lips, and said to her, "Xuan'er, I love you!"

She's not Li Xuan'er. Her name is Xu Ruochu!

- - -

In the morning, the moment she opened her eyes, someone forcefully pushed her off the bed. The floor was covered with ceramic tiles, which were very cold and solid. The pain made her awake instantly!

"Tell me, why are you on my bed!"

He abused her loudly, and those extremely unpleasant words hurt Xu Ruochu. She was familiar with the voice and raised her head in confusion. When her eyes met the naked man, she was stunned.

The man's bronze-colored chest was filled with the scratches. His face was cold as he glared at her viciously.

"Bitch!" The man coldly insulted. Damn it, what happened last night? Why was this woman in his bed?!

She was indeed that woman's daughter, they were so disgusting that he felt sick!

Suddenly, Xu Ruochu realized what had happened. She looked at herself, naked. She hurriedly pulled the blanket over the bed to cover her body. When she was pulled out of bed, the bright red blood on the bed sheet pricked her eyes.

Last night, she and him?

The night full of lust and seductive moans occurred to her mind. She could not believe what had happened last night was real! He wasn't a man she could offend, and Xu Ruochu was told when she was brought into the Huo Family!

Therefore, she tried her best to ignore the hatred from him and his sister and not to offend them! But now, she seemed to make an unforgivable mistake!

The man did not want to take another look at her. He bent down to pick up the shirt on the floor. When he saw the torn underwear on the shirt, he kicked it away with disgust.

He actually had sex with another woman. He betrayed Xuan'er, and that woman was the daughter of that "coquette"!

He was so furious that he wanted to strangle Xu Ruochu to death, "Fuck off."

Xu Ruochu's coat was not torn. She held the blanket in one hand and carefully picked up the clothes with another. She slowly put them on behind his back. When she put them on, she could see the bruises all over her body. She did not want to cry in front of him, but the tears in her eyes were uncontrolled.

The man frowned when he saw her slow movement, "Get the fuck out." He shouted coldly.

"I'm sorry!" With tears in her eyes, she knew very well that under his roof, she must follow his rules, "Please don't tell my mother, okay?" She lowered her head and pleaded softly.

For her mother's sake, she learned to be obedient and humble. She didn't even dare to defend herself and she even had to apologized to this man for having sex with him. She lost her virginity last night!

All this time, she knew who she was in this family. She was the burden of her mother's marriage to the the Huo Family. She had been keep low profile in the Huo Family, quiet and well-behaved, trying not to be noticed, trying to make them ignore her. But ...

Later, Xu Ruochu thought that if her mother had not remarried to the Huo Family, she would never have had anything to do with Huo Qichen in her life.

Xu Ruochu, her mother was the mistress and then married to the Huo Family because of luck. She was the burden and the daughter of "coquette".

A month later, Xu Ruochu met Huo Qichen in a quiet afternoon.

In a refined cafe with the melodious music, Huo Qichen held the coffee cup and said to Xu Ruochu, "Abort the child."

The word made her heart in great pain.

Xu Ruochu had never thought that he would be responsible for her, but she had never thought that the first thing he said to her was, "abort the child!"

She raised her head and looked at him in shock. She watched him taking out a card from his pocket and pushed it to her.

"Take the money, I didn't owe you anything! And I will arrange for the hospital."

He said expressionlessly.


Just one night, the god liked to joke around. She carried his child, Huo Qichen's child. Then, Huo Qichen somehow found out about her pregnancy and asked her to be here.

The Huo Group, a time-honored consortiums, their history of doing business could track back to the Republic of China (1912-1949), and its background was complicated, involved not only in the business, but also in the political.

When she was four, her mother married to the Huo Family.

Huo Qichen, the man she couldn't afford to offend. He was the designated leader of the Huo Family. After graduation, he directly entered the Huo Group and took charge of it.

"Can I have this child?" Xu Ruochu asked in a low voice. She touched her abdomen as if she could feel the breath of life. She knew that Huo Qichen would not allow it. He had his beloved and a bright future, but she still held a glimmer of hope. There was not a mother who was willing to give up her child.

"I won't tell mom and uncle Huo and I can leave City A and never come back." She said in a hurry, looking at Huo Qichen with mournful eyes.

Huo Qichen put his hands on his chest and asked with a cold smile on his lips, "What do you think?"

"Please! I will not appear in front of you again and let me give birth to him." Xu Ruochu pleaded in a low voice. In front of him, she was as humble as dust, just trying to gain his mercy.

Baby, that's her baby, and his!

However, Huo Qichen was a tough man. Otherwise, how could he start his career from an ordinary employee after graduation and become the head of the Huo Group in the end on his own? Everyone in the group was convinced. He will never leave himself a burden. If he wanted child, he would have many in the future, but the child's mother was definitely not the daughter of that woman!

"Xu Ruochu, I don't want to say it again." Huo Qichen looked at her coldly and smiled, "Perhaps, you want your mother to know about this and let her help you to marry me."

"Or, do you want Xiao Mo to know..." He intoned, and the smile on his face grew bigger.

"Don't tell him!" Huo Qichen's threat was very persuasive. She panicked and pleaded anxiously with her pale face. Xiao Mo, how could she let Xiao Mo know she was pregnant with Huo Qichen's child? Xiao Mo's warm smile popped up in her mind, and her heart hurt. She couldn't, definitely, let Xiao Mo know!

Tears started to fall from her eyes as she picked up the credit card on the table with trembling hands. She looked at Huo Qichen and whispered, "Please don't tell my mom and him!"

"So, do you argree or..." While her answer made him satisfied, Huo Qichen smiled and asked with light distain.

"Yes!" Xu Ruochu bit her lip and closed her eyes. When her tears rolled to the corner of her lips, she nodded.

"Very well! I won't make things difficult for an obedient woman!" Huo Qichen sneered and said in a low voice.

"You are still with Xiao Mo secretly? Ming Zhu admires Xiao Mo too!" Huo Qichen smiled with a wicked look in his eyes. He looked at Xu Ruochu with her head lowered and asked sarcastically.

Huo Mingzhu, the apple of the Huo Family's eye, is Huo Qichen's sister. From the moment Xu Ruochu moved into the Huo Family, she had become the shadow of Huo Mingzhu, who shared the same class as Huo Mingzhu in elementary and high school. Until the university, Xu Ruochu was not good enough to go to the same university with Huo Mingzhu. On the contrary, under Uncle Huo's arrangement, she went to a third-class school.

For some reason, she and Huo Mingzhu both fell in love with Xiao Mo.

"Xu Ruochu, give up the man who didn't belong to you as soon as possible."

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