She Couldn't Resist

Those words stunned Xu Ruochu and Mrs. Huo for a long time. When they returned to the Huo family, Xu Ruochu finally understood what Huo's father meant.

The merchants' methods were extremely powerful, and they were extremely good at using them.

Xu Ruochu was just a pawn to be used.

"Ruochu, uncle will arrange it for you!" Huo's father walked to Xu Ruochu's side and patted her on the shoulder. He solemnly promised.

Arrange what? Xu Ruochu panicked when she saw the cold smile on his lips.

"Uncle, take me to C City first," Xu Ruochu said. She would be fine as long as she went to C City.

Huo's father smiled and said to Mrs. Huo without answering Xu Ruochu's question, "Don't scold Ruochu. Qichen is also in the wrong. Since things have come to this point, I will let Qichen marry Ruochu."

"Bowen," Mrs. Huo asked in surprise,"let Ruochu and Qichen?"

She thought Huo's father would be angry, blaming her for not teaching her daughter well.

However, when she heard the news, she was surprised and delighted.

"En!" Father of Huo nodded with a smile.

Xu Ruochu was stunned. They asked her to marry Huo Qichen. She did not love Huo Qichen at all and Huo Qichen did not love her. How could this be?

"Uncle, you can't!"

Xu Ruochu said in a hurry. Huo's father smiled and said to Mrs. Huo, "I'll leave Ruo Chu to you. Take good care of her."

With that, he ignored Xu Ruochu's words and got into the car and left.

Marry Huo Qichen? Xu Ruochu didn't think about it.

Back at the Huo family lobby, Xu Ruochu told Mrs. Huo, "Mom, I can't marry him."

As soon as she finished speaking, Mrs. Huo glared at her with a cold face, "Ruochu, you must listen to your uncle. Marrying Qichen is your uncle's idea and mine!"

After Mrs. Huo said that, she glared fiercely at Xu Ruochu.

Xu Ruochu felt her heart ache. Her mother was right. She was pregnant with Huo Qichen's child and should marry him.

However, how would she get along with him in a loveless marriage? And Huo Qichen, he loved Li Xuan'er deeply. Would she have to stay in a dead marriage for the rest of her life?

Like mom?

"Mom, I can't marry her," Xu Ruochu summoned her courage and said to Mrs. Huo.

She had listened to Mrs. Huo since she was young. However, this time, she did not want to sacrifice the rest of her life.

"Even if you don't want to, you have to! Now that you're pregnant with his child, are you going to stand outside with your swollen belly and let others laugh at me? Xu Ruochu, I'm your mother. I'll decide your marriage."

Mrs. Huo said angrily and ordered servants to take Xu Ruochu's luggage back to her room.

Back in the room, Xu Ruochu sat on the bed, her thoughts wandering outside.

In order to stop Huo Qichen and Li Xuan'er from getting married, uncle Huo pulled her in.

Suddenly, she felt that it would be a mistake to resist Huo Qichen and keep the child!

However, she could not bear to give up her child!

The door creaked open, and it was not Mrs. Huo but Huo Mingzhu who came in.

Huo Mingzhu was still cold and haughty, but her face was yellow as if she had not slept well all night.

"Are you pregnant with my brother's child? The method is very powerful!"

Xu Ruochu was used to Huo Mingzhu's sarcasm.

She thought that Huo Mingzhu must be here to threaten her not to marry Huo Qichen!

However, Huo Mingzhu's next sentence was , "It's not bad to marry my brother, although you're not good enough for him!"

As she spoke, she sat beside Xu Ruochu, "Xu Ruochu, if it's not yours, don't hold on to it. We, the Huo family, took you in. If you can marry my brother now, you have to be satisfied!"

Yes, Xu Ruochu had to be satisfied. She turned to look at Huo Mingzhu and Huo Mingzhu smiled. She deliberately pulled down her collar to reveal the red mark on her neck.

It was a distinct mark. Xu Ruochu's knowledge about sex was limited to one night with Huo Qichen, and the kiss marks had also appeared on her body.

"Do you know where I was last night?"

Hickey? Last night? Xu Ruochu was not an idiot. Of course, she understood what Huo Mingzhu meant. Her body trembled and her eyes met Huo Mingzhu's provocative gaze.

"Xu Ruochu, you know what I mean! Xiao Mo's mine. You can forget about it. As for my brother, I can help you," Huo Mingzhu stood up with a sneer.

Xu Ruochu's eyes were still fixed on the kiss marks under Huo Mingzhu's neck, so bright and clear!

Only one day passed. The person who said he loved her yesterday was with another woman!

Holding back the tears in her eyes, Xu Ruochu asked Huo Mingzhu, who was opening the door with one hand.

"Is it you who set me and Huo Qichen up?"

Huo Mingzhu was stunned and turned to look at Xu Ruochu. She sneered disdainfully and did not answer.

Huo Mingzhu left, leaving Xu Ruochu alone in the room. About what happened with Huo Qichen that night, Xu Ruochu kept wondering who was designing it? Who posted the video of her and Huo Qichen to the media?

Is that Huo Mingzhu? To make her break up with Xiao Mo? Or mom?

The answer doesn't seem so important right now. Xu Ruochu doesn't plan to stay in the Huo family and marry Huo Qichen because of his mother and Huo Mingzhu.

She still wanted to leave!

She wanted to wait until dark and sneak out of the Huo family. Now, she's just tired.

It was already four o 'clock in the afternoon when Xu Ruochu woke up. She was woken up by the noise outside.

"Mr. Mo has agreed. He will persuade Qichen," Father of Huo's voice was clearly heard through the door.

Mr Mo, Huo Qichen's grandfather, was a high-ranking official. Although he has retired, he has trained a large number of officials, and his children have entered officialdom and occupied important positions.

Even Huo Qichen had to compromise with Mr Mo's intervention.

"But Ruochu would not. Bowen, forget it. Let Ruochu leave City A," Mrs. Huo begged.

"Let her hold her belly outside and laugh at our Huo family?" Father of Huo's voice sounded a little louder, "Mr. Mo wants them to get married in nine days. If you can't persuade Ruochu, get out of the Huo family!"

"Bowen, Ruochu doesn't love Qichen. They won't be happy!" Xu Ruochu heard Mrs. Huo crying.

"Happiness? There is no happiness in marriage!" Father of Huo retorted angrily, "If Ruochu disagrees before I take care of Qichen. You don't expect to have a good life, either!"

Father of Huo's threat, with Mrs. Huo's cry mixed together, was ear-piercing.

Xu Ruochu thought that she had really caused trouble for her mother and made her wronged!

They all thought how happy it was to marry into a rich family! After her mother desperately squeezed into the Huo family, Xu Ruochu only saw the luxury life on the surface. However, in fact, her mother was bullied by Huo's father, Huo Mingzhu, Huo Qichen. Therefore, she had always been very obedient. Even if her mother was selfish, even if her mother did not love her, she just wanted her mother to have a good life in the Huo family.

Now that she had rebelled against her mother, uncle Huo had lost face. How could he let her mother off easily?

Mom will be desperate for leave the Huo family, !

"Ruochu." When she heard father of Huo going downstairs, a ray of light shot in. She saw her mother covering her face and rushing into the door. She knelt beside her bed.

"Mom," Xu Ruochu saw the fingerprints on Mrs. Huo's cheeks and cried out in pain.

Her mother had always tried her best to please Huo's father, but in this loveless marriage, her mother got nothing but Mrs. Huo's identity.

"Ruochu, can you save mom? Save mommy," Mrs. Huo knelt on the ground and grabbed Xu Ruochu's hand, pleading.

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