I Don't Want to Hear Anything

"Uncle, auntie, I can't marry Mo." Xu Ruochu tried her best to smile, forcing the tears in her eyes not to fall. She took a deep breath and held back all the pain and tears.

"Oh..." Mother of Xiao was surprised."You two are so intimate, how can you and Mo not get married? Are you afraid your mother won't agree? Don't worry, uncle and auntie will bring gifts to the The huo family tomorrow and will definitely convince your mother."

Mother of Xiao knew a little about Mrs. Huo and could imagine Xu Ruochu's life in the The Huo family was not going to be easy.

"Besides, you have Mo's child. There's no reason for her and your uncle Huo to disagree."

"Child"? Mother of Xiao's words pierced Xiao Mo's heart again. Xu ruochu held back her tears and ventured to speak."I'm sorry, uncle and auntie. Actually, the child doesn't ..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Xiao Mo interrupted her.

"It's getting late. I'll send you back to school." Xiao Mo stood up and looked at Xu Ruochu. Then he held Xu Ruochu's hand.

"Mom, dad, let's talk about this tomorrow. I'll take Ruo Chu home first."

"It's so urgent!" Mother of Xiao asked in confusion. She stood up and looked at the table full of dishes."You haven't eaten that yet? It's going to rain outside!"

Xiao Mo looked out the window at the dark sky and explained faintly."Yes, it's raining heavily."

The sky was dark and the wind was whistling. In an instant, the weather changed. It was really a precursor of heavy rain.

He held Xu Ruochu's hand and walked to the door. Mother of Xiao caught up and handed Xu Ruochu an umbrella."Ruochu, take the umbrella. You have to take good care of yourself."

"Thank you, auntie." Xu Ruochu took the umbrella with a smile. She felt warm in the Xiao family today. Whether Xiao Mo would marry her or not, she had never came here in vain.

In Xu Ruochu's heart, she had always been looking forward to the warmth of the family. With her father and mother, they would speak to her gently. They would care about her well-being and whether she would be sick or not.

"Auntie, you should also pay more attention to your health!"

When she opened the door, it was not raining, and there was only the rustling of the branches in the wind. Xu Ruochu put on her shoes and was about to leave.

"The first thing we've heard is that a general manager and a woman's photo appeared on the internet. Those photographs are obscene. According to the rumors, the man is the son of the president of the Huo corporation, and the identity of the woman is still being investigated."

Looking at the living room from the doorway, the photographs on the TV were clear. The naked man and woman, and the bed full of lust.

The face of the man and woman was lost by mosaic, but the host had already blatantly said that the male was Huo Qichen, and what about the woman?

The layout of Huo's room. The figure of the woman. Those who knew Huo and Xu Ruochu, could easily find the truth!

At that moment, there was a bolt from the sky. A flash of lighting followed the thunder through the night sky.

Xu Ruochu was standing in front of the house in a daze when she heard father of Xiao smashing the teacup on the table in anger.

She heard the heavy rain slapping everything.

The thunder, the rain, the wind were mixed together in such a disorderly way!

The picture on TV showed that the man was Huo Qichen and the woman was her. It was the night of last month.

Mother of Xiao looked at Xu Ruochu in shock and frowned. Her eyes were full of grief, and she shook her head slightly.

Xiao Mo's eyes were fixed on the TV. He clenched his fists and did not say a word.

I see!

They reacted to everything! One trouble after following another!

"Mo, I'll ask Xiao Liu to send Ruo Chu back. You don't have to go!" Mother of Xiao said when she saw that Xiao Mo's expression was not normal.

"No need!" Xiao Mo replied faintly. He pulled Xu Ruochu away.

Xu Ruochu wanted to explain to them, but there was no sound when she opened her mouth. She stood outside the Xiao family gate in a daze. She didn't know how Xiao Mo dragged her into the car and sat beside him in a daze. She came back to her senses and touched her face, tears already streaming down her face.

The heavy rain washed the car windows. The spray fell and splashed.

On the way, Xiao Mo didn't ask any questions. His knuckles on the steering wheel turned white, and his eyes were fixed on the front, and he pursed his lips.

When they arrived at school, Xiao Mo unfastened his seatbelt as usual, opened the car door, and sent her to the dormitory with an umbrella.

Because of the heavy rain, there were not many people outside the dormitory.

"Mo." Xiao Mo walked her to the door and was about to turn around to leave. Xu Ruochu grabbed his cold hand and said.

Xiao Mo did not say anything. He leaned sideways and glanced at her from the corner of his eye. His heart was torn apart, thrown to the ground and trampled.

"Can you let me explain?" As things stood, she did not know why she still asked him? Could she explain it? Perhaps she had always hoped that Xiao Mo would forgive her after hearing her explanation.

Xu Ruochu, she was always so stupid! How could Xiao Mo forgive her" betrayal"?

"Is the child Huo Qichen's?" Xiao Mo turned to look at her coldly and asked in a low voice.

When the cold words appeared in the heavy rain, it was always easy to chill people's hearts.

Actually, his question was in vain. Didn't the men and women on the news just explain everything? And when Xu Ruochu was pregnant, the child must be Huo Qichen's?

"Xu Ruochu, stop playing with me, okay?" He cried in pain.

A month ago, when he was interning in the city, Xu Ruochu and Huo Qichen ...

Xiao Mo did not want to think about the lingering love on the bed and the bodies of the men and the women. If he continued to think about it, he would definitely go crazy.

Xu Ruochu, how could you do this!

He let go of Xu Ruochu's hand and strode into the rain. The rain was heavy, and it was very cold as well. His heart was no longer indescribable, no longer painful. But despair. It was broken.

The woman he held in his hands actually slept with another man. No wonder Huo Mingzhu would say: Xu Ruochu was only using you to leave the The huo family!

Was it true? Xu Ruochu.

Xiao mo thought in confusion. He had no way to control his mind.

"Mo." Xu Ruochu threw away the umbrella and rushed up. She rushed forward and wrapped her arms around his waist. The person she liked was Xiao Mo, and Huo Qichen was just one night stand.

She knew that she would lose Xiao Mo. No one would climb to the second floor just to see her. No one would spoil her and no one would fondly laugh at her saying "little fool." However, she wanted to fight again when she was" struggling to the death."

"Xu Ruochu, I want to be quiet." Xiao Mo was in a mess. He didn't want to see Xu Ruochu. He didn't want to hear her voice.

Hate? Because I love you so much, I care too much!

"Mo, don't leave me." In the rain, Xu Ruochu pressed against his back and cried."I know I'm sorry to you, but please listen to me, okay?"

"That night, I had no idea why I was in his room. I had no idea what happened." Said Xu Ruochu, weeping sadly and bitterly.

"Stop talking about it. I don't want to hear it anymore!" Xiao Mo growled, pulling her hand away forcefully.

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