What If You Love Me

Chapter 1 The Wedding Was Canceled

January 20, it was Major Cold in the lunar calendar.

Jing City was close to the sea. In winter, it became cold and damp, and it did not snow, but the wind blew, and the cold rain fell on the bare skin, almost making people frozen.

Shu Niange wore a thin summer wedding dress and stood at the entrance of the Jinhao hotel to welcome the guests. Even though she was shivering in the cold, she still kept a sweet and happy smile on her face.

Today was her wedding to Fu Shaoxuan.

Although it was a business marriage, she was willing to marry because Fu Shaoxuan was the man she liked.

The wedding dress she was wearing was her own design. It was a pure white dress, with exquisite embroidery, and the small trailers were elegant and elegant, revealing her sexy and enchanting shoulders.

As for why it was a summer style, it was because the wedding of Shu Niange and Fu Shaoxuan was originally planned for May 1st last year, but for some reason, the Fu family delayed the wedding to January this year.

Shu Niange did not complain.

For her, getting married, leaving the Shu family, and marrying Fu Shaoxuan were her dream, so she felt that the wait was worthy.

After almost all the guests had arrived, a woman with a very exaggerated makeup came to Shu Niange's side in high heels. The corner of her mouth was crooked and she glanced at her scornfully. She said sarcastically, "All right, Shu Niange, it's almost time for everyone to come. You should go to the bride's dressing room and fix your makeup first!"

This was Fu Peiqi, Fu Shaoxuan's sister.

She always squinted at Shu Niange with her chin up.

Shu Niange certainly knew that Fu Peiqi didn't like her, but anyway, she was her future sister-in-law, so she put on the smile and said, "No hurry. I'll wait a little longer. Isn't Shaoxuan still here? I'll wait for him."

As the leading man of the wedding, Fu Shaoxuan hadn't come yet. It's a bit ironic in itself, but Shu Niange gave him an excuse because he was too tired from being pestered to have a bachelor party last night.

Innocent as her, she didn't even know what the bachelor party was all about.

"Who said my brother hasn't come? My brother has already arrived, and he is waiting for you in the bride's dressing room! Go!" As Fu Peiqi said this, a sinister look flashed across her eyes.

Shu Niange didn't see it, but when she heard that Fu Shaoxuan was waiting for her, she turned around and went to the bride's dressing room.

However, it never occurred to her that when she approached the door with the word "Xi" which meant "double happiness" on it, she heard a voice coming from inside.


"You..." Shu Niange opened her mouth and tears rolled out of her eyes, blurring her vision.

Shu Yuxin and Fu Shaoxuan did such a compromising thing in her bride's dressing room and called Fu Shaoxuan "Husband"?

When they were doing it, did they think about her?

"Now that you've seen it, I'll make it clear to you that I don't like you anymore. Our wedding is canceled!"

Fu Shaoxuan's face was full of indifference, "When I pursued you, it was just for a moment of fresh excitement. Now I'm about to get you, but I don't think you are interesting anymore. A woman like you who is all about abstinence doesn't know what a man really wants at all!"

"Besides, I have already found out that although you are the eldest lady of the Shu family, you are not welcomed in your family at all. Even if it is just a business marriage, you can't help me get more benefits... So you are useless to me!"

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