Chapter 11 She Wanted to Leave and Never Come Back

When Shu Niange came back, the villa had already been well decorated. Red roses, crystal gauze, balloons were everywhere. She didn't remember seeing these when she left in the early morning. 

Back then, she put on the all-white gown designed and sewn by herself, and walked out to take a taxi to the hotel. She did it all alone because other family members hadn't got up yet. Though there were three cars in the parking lot, none of them belonged to her. No one was willing to wake up early to give her a ride.

Clearly, the decoration was made for Shu Yuxin rather than her. 

Quietly swallowing down her rage and sadness sprung, Shu Niange went straight back to her room. In this house, she was nobody. The maids neglected her as if they didn't see her. Some even looked at her in ridicule.  

After a long time, she was really hungry, so she went downstairs to the kitchen and made a bowl of noodles.

There are three chefs and six maids in the kitchen, but none of them would cook for her. They even lock those expensive ingredients because of Cao Fumei's warning.  She had got used to it after all these years. She is able to make nice and delicious home-made cuisines with the most common ingredients and vegetables now.  

After taking the noodles, Shu Niange went upstairs to her room, the smallest one at the end of the second floor. 

The room was less than twenty square meters, with only a small window allowing no sunshine to get in until sunset. 

It was a utility room, so it was naturally smaller and more shabby than that of Shu Yuxin's 120 square, spacious, sunny, luxurious bedroom.

Fortunately, it was quiet. She liked it.

She sat on the bed to take a rest for a while, then began to pack her things. She dragged out her old suitcase and put her own stuff and her mother's belongings in it.

She had already made up her mind. She would move out after talking with Shu Zhengxiong tonight.

Since her mother passed away, she had suffered for more than ten years in this cold and heartless home. It was time to end all these.

She wanted to leave and never came back!

She had already sent her resume to Shengshi Group, one of the most thriving enterprises founded in the city. She was confident in her ability and believed that she would get a job.

She heard that Shengshi Group offers extremely nice packages for the employees. As long as she took office, she would get food and shelters. 

Before that, she could go to a small hotel and made do with it.

She sat still and quietly in the room for a whole day and did not go out.  She had packed everything she could take away and even cleaned the room.  She stared at her mother's photo and caressed her smiley face again and again. 

"Mom, how's everything going? In the past, I always laughed at others for being superstitious, but after you left me, I started to believe that heaven and hell did exist. A kind person like you would live happily in heaven, right? Or have you already reincarnated and started the next life in a better family? You'd better be more rational this time. Don't easily fall for someone like Dad..."

"I want to move out tomorrow. I'm good. Dad and other family members are being nice to me, but I have grown up and I have to be independent, right?"

Even if what in front of her was a faded portrait, she was still telling a lie to pretend that she had a good life.

But when Cao Fumei walked and heard all the mumbling, she was outrageous. 

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