Chapter 15 You're Made For Each Other

"I'll teach you a lesson later!"Shu Zhengxiong glared at Shu Niange, turned around, and went downstairs with Cao Fumei.Cao Fumei purposely put her hands around Shu Zhengxiong's arm and tried to persuade her husband not to argue with Shu Niange. Shu Zhengxiong complained about Shu Niange's unfilialness while praising their kindness. He also asked the maid the send the family doctor in to take care of her wounds. Shu Niange looked at their back. That bitterness washed over her in a bold wave, taking her hope for her family away completely.Her father was blind, physically and mentally. He could not tell right from wrong, tell good from evil. Shu Niange quickly composed herself. She found a plastic file and put her mother's photo in. She cleaned the glasses on the floor as well and closed the door before taking her suitcases downstairs. The huge living room was filled with gifts from Fu Shaoxuan. Shu Zhengxiong, Cao Fumei, Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin sat happily on the sofa and laughed out loud. However, all the laughter stopped after she came downstairs.Shu Yuxin was surprised to see her. How dare she come back home tonight? The whole city spurned her and laughed at her. If she has shame, she should die quietly alone. Wait a second. She's taking luggage. Her parents have kicked her out?That's terrific!She's going to be homeless. But she's still wearing such an eye-catching red dress. She looks incredibly stunning. Shu Yuxin could not deny it. What does she want to do? Does she still love Shaoxuan and plan to take him back? She would not let it happen!Shu Yuxin walked up to Shu Niange, hiding her evil thoughts, and said, "Niange, where are you going? Shaoxuan and I just got engaged. Won't you congratulate us?"Shu Niange subconsciously glanced at Fu Shaoxuan, and Fu Shaoxuan also happened to look over. Their gaze met. Her pretty face and envious figure looked even more attractive in the red dress. This surprised Fu Shaoxuan, but he quickly calmed himself down."Congratulations." Shu Niange, calm and deadpan, clearly spat out the word. "I'm done. Can you get out of my way?"Shu Yuxin was stunned for a moment. She thought that Shu Niange would be very heartbroken. Shu Niange had loved Fu Shaoxuan for three years and he's her only hope to get away from the miserable life here. But how could she act as if nothing had happened?"Niange, I know that Shaoxuan and I are sorry for you this time, but you can't force Shaoxuan to stay with you. Shaoxuan and I really love each other... And I... I already have Shaoxuan's child..." Shu Yuxin intended to hurt her harder. She looked down and caressed her abdomen with her right hand.It worked but only for a second. Shu Niange was fully prepared when she came downstairs. No matter how these people taunted her, mocked her, and provoked her, she wouldn't say anything. They didn't deserve it."So, I'll let it go and bless you. What else do you want me to do?" Shu Niange said coldly, "If not, fuck off! Great barkers are no biters!"It turned out that Shu Yuxin and Fu Shaoxuan even had a baby. She didn't know anything about it. It's time to get Fu Shaoxuan out of her life completely now.When Shu Yuxin was carrying his baby, Fu Shaoxuan still had crazy sex with her. Either she was too horny or Fu Shaoxuan did not care about her body and the child at all.She had seen right through this man. He's trash!Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin, a scumbag and a slut, are made for each other.She's wondering how long will their relationship last!But at this moment, Shu Yuxin suddenly cried out in grievance, "Niange, I know you hate me, but how can you curse my baby?

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