Chapter 8 My Eyes

In the luxurious and comfortable suite, Fu Jinyan carried Shu Niange in and put her on the sofa.

Knowing that Shu Niange was shy, he gave her a towel and something else and then left first.

The bathroom was soon filled with a hazy mist, and the faint fragrance drifted into Shu Niange's nose.
The soreness in her body began to subside little by little.

She closed her eyes and remembered what had happened this day.
She got married, but her biological father, Shu Zhengxiong, did not show up, did not give wishes to her, did not care her, and did not make her feel warm. Then, she saw her half-sister and fiancé having sex in her bridal dressing room! She was abandoned before the wedding, and she was also infamous and was watched by people on the road in the cold wind and rain. Then she took the wrong road and was pulled into the car by Fu Jinyan...

She didn't know if it was because the previous thing was too painful.
When she recalled what Fu Jinyan did to her, she was not so sad and indignant!

She was originally very conservative!

In less than three seconds, the bathroom door was kicked open!
Fu Jinyan rushed in with a flustered face and a hurried tone, "Niannian, what's wrong with you? What happened?"

Shu Niange turned her head, looked at him, and responded, "You...
What are you doing here? Get out! Get out! I'm fine!"
He stood up straight and said calmly, "I just went to buy you some clothes!

After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the room, quickly bringing a dress, "I'll leave the clothes here for you!
"Are you hungry?
I'll buy you some food."

Then, he reluctantly left.

The door was already damaged by Fu Jinyan, and Shu Niange did not dare to continue to have a bath.
She quickly dried her body and began to put on the clothes.

The bright red dress gave her the feeling of being a bride again.
Clearly, her wedding dress had just "died young," but now, she had no other choice.

To her surprise, these clothes were really fit her body as if they were specially made for her.
In such a short time, Fu Jinyan was able to prepare such fitting clothes for her, which made her feel warm in her heart...

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