Chapter 12 Just a Lover

Cao Fumei was angry because Niange said Ye Ya'an should go to heaven and live happily in the next life. Ye Ya'an, that filthy bitch? She doesn't deserve it. If she can go to heaven, then what about me? Am I evil and should go to hell? Is this what Shu Niange implying? 

She always thought Shu Niange was weak and it was easy to manipulate her. However, she never expected her to curse her behind her back!

She hates the fact that born and bred in an orphanage, she is not as elegant and sensible as Ye Ya'an. She hates the fact that her daughter Shu Yuxin is selfish and treats her not as good as the way that Shu Niange does to Ye Ya'an.  That's why she framed Ye Ya'an and bullied Shu Niange. 

She hates all the good things that belong to them. She hates their kindness, generosity,l tenacity, persistence...everything!

Because compared to them, she would appear vicious, mean, vulgar, inferior...

She was wearing haute couture, flawless makeup, and priceless jewelry, but these could not make her kind, generous, and elegant, but rather set her as a vulgar and oldish slut!

The more she thought about it, the more evil she turned to be. A vicious gleam flashed in her cloudy eyes. She pushed the door open, "Oh, the useless girl finally starts to know herself. Are you ready to pack up and get out of here?"

"That's right! Abandoned and infertile, you are not fit for our Shu family. Yuxin and Shaoxuan will come home. Look at your slumpy face, don't destroy their happiness! Come on! Hurry up! As a reward, I'll pay for your taxi today."

As she spoke, Cao Fumei opened her handbag, took two coins out, and smashed it into Shu Niange's face, "Take the money and get out of here now!"

The coin didn't weigh much, but Cao Fumei threw it hard on Niange's face. One of them hit Shu Niange's forehead. It really hurt.

Shu Niange's pent-up anger exploded. She suddenly stood up and glared at Cao Fumei, deadpan, "I'm useless. What about your daughter? A hooker? Don't forget that you're my father's mistress. Even if you set my mother up, you and Shu Yuxin are not legally a part of our Shu family. Your names are not on the family book. How dare you ask me to get out?"

Having undergone good education, Shu Niange has never used such mean words on Shu Yuxin. "Bitch", "Hooker", and "Shameless slut"-those words come from Xia Le, her best friend. That's her comment on Shu Yuxin. Outrageous, she naturally borrowed these words to fight back. 

Cao Fumei's face darkened completely.

Shu Niange 's words touched her raw nerve.

She, Cao Fumei, is only a mistress. She and Shu Yuxin's names have not been written in the family book.

This was normal to a rich and powerful family.

Without legal recognition, she and her daughter can still enjoy the wealth and privileges under the wing of Shu Zhengxiong.

As long as no one mentioned it, no one would know the secret and no one would care whether they are illegal or not.

But Cao took it to heart. All these years, she talked to Shu Zhengxiong about it many times. However, for some reason, Shu Zhengxiong refused to respond directly.

Now, Shu Niange used it to humiliate her? How dare!

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