Chapter 2 Wronged

In an instant, Shu Niange felt like she was in an ice cellar.

There were already a lot of guests outside, but Fu Shaoxuan said that the wedding was canceled?

The reason for canceling it was that she was useless to him?

Because she didn't understand the needs of men?
Because she couldn't help him get more benefits?

But he didn't know that a month ago, the Shu Family lost a huge overseas list, failed to do business, and was complained by the other party. They almost bankrupted. Now, it was a mere shell without real power. How could she bring any benefit to him?

"Xuan, have you finished talking to your sister..."

Shu Yuxin snuggled into Fu Shaoxuan's arms. Her voice was sweet and her eyes were provocative...

Shu Niange turned around and left. She was never a person who would force others. Since Fu Shaoxuan had already said that he did not like her, then why did she stay and humiliate herself?

But didn't Fu Shaoxuan run to the company where she worked with roses every day and say that she was the woman he loved the most in his life? Wasn't he the one who said he was going to marry her and be with her for the rest of his life?

She felt like her bones were eroded and the pain was too much.

But the pain and humiliation had just begun.

As soon as Shu Niange walked out of the door, she was stopped by Fu Shaoxuan's mother Jing Meijun and sister Fu Peiqi.

"You dare to covet our Fu family's position, have you looked at yourself in the mirror !" Fu Peiqi's voice was sharp and harsh, ruthlessly revealed the bloody truth, "Shu Niange, I tell you, today's wedding ceremony is about to become an engagement ceremony. The woman standing with my brother is definitely not you! If you know what's going on, get out from the door on the side!"

"Niange, it's not that auntie doesn't want you. If you want to blame, blame yourself for unable to conceive a child," Jing Meijun said, presenting a diagnosis sheet, and then said, "Premarital examination, you were diagnosed as infertile! But our Shaoxuan must have descendants."

Premarital checkup? Shu Niange was a little confused.

When did she get a premarital checkup?

Wasn't premarital checkup supposed to be done only when they got the marriage certificate?
She hadn't gotten her marriage certificate with Fu Shaoxuan, so naturally, she hadn't had a premarital checkup, but why did Jing Meijun...

Suddenly, Shu Niange figured it out.

The wedding ceremony turned into an engagement ceremony, and the leading lady was temporarily replaced, which required an excellent excuse.

Fu Shaoxuan could not bear the reputation of being unfaithful, so they decided to let her, Shu Niange suffer the wronged crime of "infertile"!

"You... You..." It was too much!

"You haven't figured it out yet? Shu Niange, you can't have a baby! Therefore, my brother will not marry you. Just wear your shabby wedding dress and get out quickly!" Fu Peiqi glanced at Shu Niange with disgust, "Shu Niange, you really are a loser. You didn't get love in the Shu Family, and you wouldn't even be able to keep a man. You even let your own sister steal your man at your wedding. If I were you, I would have killed myself shamefully!"

This was clearly meant to provoke Shu Niange.

Shu Niange looked up and gave Fu Peiqi and Jing Meijun a cold, freezing look.

"I will leave. I, Shu Niange, am not someone who can let go easily. It's just that right is right, wrong is wrong. Sooner or later the truth will be clear!"

With that, Shu Niange straightened her back, turned around, and walked steadily down the red-carpeted corridor.

This was all her remained dignity and pride.

So far.

Shu Niange and Fu Shaoxuan's three-year relationship had come to an end!

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