Chapter 7 A Good Man

Shu Niange's heart quivered uncontrollably.

"You should know that when they made up the rumor that you were infertile, they had made up their mind to let you bear all the humiliation and bad reputation.
Isn't it unfair for you, an innocent person, to pay for their indifference, selfishness, and cruelty after being abandoned, humiliated and trampled upon by them?"

Fu Jinyan looked at Shu Niange and suggested, "So, marry me and fight a beautiful turnaround when they are caught off guard.
It's best to have a child as soon as possible so that all the rumors about you will disappear by themselves! Let those people regret having hurt you! Also, let yourself live a brighter life! This is already the best choice!"

At this point, Fu Jinyan paused for a moment, then narrowed his eyes and said in a low, husky voice, "Nian, I just came back from abroad and haven't built a firm foundation, but my capability is no weaker than Fu Shaoxuan's at all.
Besides, I have a handsome face, a good figure, and I am your first man. You can take me out during the day to keep up your appearance, and I'm also very useful at night..."

" Gu Yuan, the driver who had been holding back for a long time, finally couldn't help but laugh.

Fu Jinyan's face froze for a moment and swallowed back what he wanted to say.

Shu Niange's face turned red again, so red that it seemed as if one could squeeze blood out of it with just a pinch!

She finally realized that when she and Fu Jinyan were doing...
that kind of thing... Gu Yuan could hear it all...

"If you don't say anything, I'll take it as a yes.
When we're done, we'll go straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get our marriage license!"

Seeing that Shu Niange did not speak, Fu Jinyan made the decision by himself.

If in this world, there was one person whom he could recognize by only a hazy shadow, that person must be Shu Niange!

This was a secret he had kept in his heart for many years.

Therefore, when he heard that she was dating Fu Shaoxuan and that she was going to marry Fu Shaoxuan, he was in a bad mood.
So he quickly finished his work abroad and returned to Jing City. However, just as he came back, he was entangled by a popular female star, and she drugged his wine...

He thought it was impossible for him to stand in front of Shu Niange and tell her about his years of obsessions for her, but he did not expect that god would treat him kindly and let her meet him as soon as she left Fu Shaoxuan!

So even though he could have held back his desire, he still made up his mind and raped her.
When he found out that she was still a virgin, he was even more surprised!

Now she was lying in his arms, what a satisfying thing!

Unfortunately, because of Fu Shaoxuan, she had a prejudice against him, and also had a lot of vigilance and resentment against him!
But it didn't matter. He had the confidence that sooner or later, she would fall in love with him. In her eyes and heart, there would only be him, Fu Jinyan, alone!

"Sir, the hotel is here.
" Gu Yuan said, and the car gradually slowed down. Finally, the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.
"I have already reserved a suite.
The room number is 666. Sir, you can just take the elevator up with miss Niange."


Fu Jinyan took a soft blanket, wrapped up Shu Niange and said gently, "I'll carry you down.
Let's take a bath in the hotel room and get changed, okay?"

" Shu Niange nodded. As Fu Jinyan said, she couldn't run naked.

Anyway, she had already had sex with Fu Jinyan, and was not afraid that he might want more from her.

With such an idea of living with what had happened, Shu Niange accepted Fu Jinyan's arrangement.

But when her sight fell on her snow-white legs, she frowned again, "Legs.

She only said one word, but Fu Jinyan immediately understood what she meant.

"The blanket is a little small.
It can't wrap your head and legs at the same time. Do you want to show your face or your legs?" He asked her with a teasing smile.

Shu Niange was a little embarrassed.
She bit her lips and her voice was so weak that he could hardly hear her, "Show...the legs."

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