Chapter 9 She Was so Distracted

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom, Shu Niange saw her broken wedding dress on the sofa. Her cell phone, a platinum necklace, and a platinum earring were on the coffee table.

These were all her belongings when she left the Golden Hotel.
She didn't expect Fu Jinyan to bring all of them to her.

The screen of the phone lit up.
Shu Niange walked over, picked it up and unlocked the phone.

It was a message.

"These are all your personal belongings.
I'll leave them for you to dispose."

Shu Niange's heart moved.
Was he showing respect to her?!

It was Fu Shaoxuan who brought the platinum necklace and earrings.
One of the earrings was lost. There were two heart-shaped pendants on the necklace, which symbolized their loyal love to each other, and the platinum represented eternal love...
These things were placed in front of her.
They were a little piercing for her heart, a little dazzling for her eyes.

Loyal love?
Love that never fades? No! It was all a scam that Fu Shaoxuan had plotted. But she fell into his scam so foolishly that she was hurt severely!

Thinking of this, Shu Niange seemed to witness the disgusting scene where Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin were cheating on her in the bridal dressing room again.
She suddenly grabbed the necklace and earring and threw them into the trash can beside her.
As for the broken wedding dress, she took it to the kitchen, lit it with fire, and watched it burn into ashes in the sink.
Just like her love which was finally and completely dead...

She still shed a tear.
During the three years which she was with Fu Shaoxuan, she had been earnest. Now that she needed to give up, her heart, of course, was in pain.

But before the pain was relieved, Shu Zhengxiong called her, "Shu Niange!
Where have you been? You are such a rebellious girl! Yuxin and Shaoxuan got engaged today. As her sister, you weren't there at the engagement ceremony, you didn't even come home! Get out of there and go home right now!"

Shu Niange grasped the phone and trembled slightly.

This was her father--her father who treated her sister with favor!

Didn't he know what day it was supposed to be?

Didn't he know that Shu Yuxin was the woman who took her man away?

Did he not know that she had been wronged, that she had been smeared, and that she had become a joke in the Jing City?

He even asked her to attend the engagement ceremony of Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin that was supposed to be hers, asked her to send "a blessing" to the cheating couple?

Did he feel that she was not hurt and humiliated enough, so he had to send her to be surrounded by contempt and ridicule, and be drowned in spurn?

"I see.
I'll be back soon!" Her heart was numbly aching and stiffly frozen.

But years of being obedient made Shu Niange agree to Shu Zhengxiong's request in the end.

However, before hanging up, she suddenly added, "Dad!
In fact, I have always been suspecting that I am not your biological daughter. Why don't we take a paternity test?"

Shu Niange said these words in an indifferent, cold, and decadent way.
But there was also a tint of sarcasm and despair.
After saying these, she hung up the phone.
She didn't want to hear any scold from Shu Zhengxiong!

This was her first time hanging up the phone on Shu Zhengxiong.

The parking lot of the Golden Hotel.

After hearing Shu Niange's words and the beeping sound on the phone, the anger expression on Shu Zhengxiong's face froze.

A few seconds later, he angrily smashed his phone on the ground, "Such a rebellious daughter!
How dare she doubt whether I am her father or not!" Wasn't she asking if he was cuckolded?

Cao FuMei was delighted when she saw that Shu Zhengxiong was furious, but she went forward again, deliberately pretending to be a kind and virtuous wife, asking with a "worry" tone in her voice, "Zhengxiong, what are you angry about?
"How's Niange?
Was she home now?"

I know what is happening between Yuxin and Shaoxuan. They should be sorry for her. But she can't force her relationship with Shaoxuan. If Yuxin didn't get engaged with Shaoxuan, then the engagement for Niange would be canceled by the Fu family directly. In that case, we, the Shu family, will lose all our face ..."

"Actually, Yuxin told me long ago that she and Shaoxuan were not serious in their relationship.
The boy from the Xi family has been showing his love for her for a long time, and she favored him. He was just as good as the boy from the Xi family.

Since that thing happened, and Shaoxuan only wanted to marry Yuxin, instead of Niange, we could only let Yuxin marry him! They got engaged in such a hurry... I am also.. don't feel good about it..."

"Of course, I'm not blaming Niange.
I'm just worried that she is out alone and it's raining outside. What if something happens to her?"

"I know.
Yuxin is a good and sensible child. This time... we have to let her suffer!" As Shu Zhengxiong said these, he added fiercely, "see how I will punish that rebellious daughter tonight!"

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