Chapter 13 Kneel Down and Apologize to Your Mother

"You son of a bitch! How dare you talk to me like that!"

Cao Fumei rushed over, swung her hand, and slapped Shu Niange on the face.

"Slash!" The bang was loud and echoing in the small bedroom.

Shu Niange did not expect Cao to go on a rampage and hit her without mercy. She felt the burning pain on her face, the tinnitus in her ears, and the dizziness that followed. She took a step back and slumped onto the bed.

"You... You're insane!"

"Right, I'm insane! Shameless little BITCH, as cheap as your dead mother! How dare you humiliate me?! You know who am I? I'm Cao Fumei! I'll kill you!" When she was cursing, she slapped Shu Niange twice, left and right. Then, she saw the portrait of Ye Ya'an in Shu Niange's hands. She grabbed it and threw it on the ground.

The old-fashioned photo frame was smashed to pieces. The splattered glass even made a scratch on Shu Niange's ankle. 

Shu Niange's heart ached when she watched her mother's portrait lying in the glass shards. That anger and pain in her heart were far more intense than the pain on the face.

"Cao Fumei! Go to hell!"

Shu Niange jumped up from the bed and pushed Cao Fumei to the ground.

When Cao Fumei fell, she subconsciously used her hand to support herself, but unluckily hit on the glasses. She cried out in pain. She raised her hand, only to find the sharp glass had already stabbed into her palm. She's bleeding profusely. The blood dripped on Ye Ya'an's photo. 

Shu Niange immediately went over, squatted down and tried to pick up the photo. When someone kicked her back hard. Caught off guard, she knelt down on the glasses. The photo was soon soaked with her blood. 

"Unfilial bastard! How dare you stab your mother? You have no couth!  Kneel down and apologize to your mother?" Her father's outrageous voice roared. 

That was her father, who wronged her and punished her before figuring out the truth.

Tears welled up in Shu Niange's eyes. She did not let it fall. Instead, she took the blood-soaked photo and turned around. Looking direct into Shu Zhengxiong, she pulled out the broken glass on her knee piece by piece. Blood dripped down profusely, but she didn't care.

She stood up in pain and showed Shu Zhengxiong the photo, "My mother has passed away, but Cao still regarded her photo as an eyesore. Maybe my mother saw what she did to me today in heaven, so she gave Cao a little lesson! Still, you're helping Cao. Guess what? My mother may come for you tonight."

She continued, "In fact, you've always stood by Cao's side to spoil my mother to death and to maltreat me all these years. I'm getting used to it. I have no couth? I'm uneducated? Ask yourself, please. Have you ever educated me?"

Shu Zhengxiong was stunned. He knew that his eldest daughter had always been gentle and kind. She rarely refuted him. But now, she shouted at him and stared at him fearlessly. The solemn gaze and the indifferent tone indicated only one thing: she treated him as an enemy!

And that photo, the black and white one stained with blood, on which Ye Yaan's eyes staring at him mirthlessly. It seemed that the next second, she would really turn into a devil and come back to look for him!

In Shu Zhengxiong's heart, there was an unprecedented hint of fear. In order to conceal this, he raised his hand and slapped Shu Niange hard, "Unfilial bitch! How dare you threaten your own father! You're really out of control now..."

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