Chapter 14 A Shameful Little Bitch

"I offer you food and shelter. I send you abroad to pursue further education. And this is how you repay me?"

"Do you feel like you have grown up and can get out of my control now?"

"I'm telling you that as long as you live in this house, you're my daughter, Shu Zhengxiong's daughter, until you die, and you must listen to me all the time! You must!"

He pointed at Shu Niange's nose, "Fulan married me so she's your mother. Apologize to her immediately!"

Shu Niange's eyes widened and she stared at Shu Zhengxiong, her heart aching like being pierced by a million needles, her body stiff and cold.

He was shameless enough to say he was her father. When her mother passed away, she was only in junior high. He had never given her a penny since then. She had barely made a living by working during the winter and summer holidays or working part-time at night. She had earned all her tuition, food, clothes, and expenses herself. She only came home occasionally. He had never done his duty as a father at all but he asked her to repay him and be a good daughter following his order unconditionally.

He's daydreaming!

"Do you think I really want to live here and be trampled upon by all of you? I'll move out today and never come back!"

At this moment, Shu Niange hated her father so much that she even spoke with her teeth gritted.

Cao Fumei pretended to be a virtuous and kind person to persuade Shu Zhengxiong, "Zhengxiong, Niange's wedding was just canceled. She's not feeling well now. It's all my fault. If I didn't accidentally knock over the photo, she wouldn't jostle me."

It appeared that she was interceding with her father on her behalf, but Niange knew her words would only provoke her father. 

In fact, Cao had her own plan. All these years, Shu Zhengxiong had given Shu Niange living expenses. Not much and far less than that given to Shu Yuxin. But a penny is also money, and Shu Niange doesn't deserve a penny. So she took the money away.

Now, she was afraid that Shu Niange would tell the truth if she was too provoked. So, she couldn't wait to use other things to distract Shu Zhengxiong and Shu Niange.

She was killing two birds with one stone!

"Shameful little bitch!" As expected, Shu Zhengxiong cursed angrily.

Unexpectedly, Shu Niange immediately fought back, "I'm a little bitch, then what are you? Old bastard?"

"If you don't want me to be your daughter, please tell me."

"Bitch!" Shu Zhengxiong raised his hand again.

Shu Niange put her face forward and said, "Here! Come! Hit me! Right on my face! You've hit me so many times all these years. But if you didn't kill me today, you'll not be my father anymore."

Cao Fumei watched the two happily. This was what she would like to see.

Fight! The two of you! Beat the bitch up. Cripple and disfigure her would be the best. Then she would have no gut to show off her superiority in front of Yuxin

The butler came upstairs with a big smile. Noticing the tension, he quickly composed himself and stopped midway, "My lady, Mr. Fu and Miss Yuxin have arrived. They have brought so many presents. Please come check.."

"Yuxin and Shaoxuan are back, quick! Zhengxiong, let's go and have a look!" Cao Fumei glanced at Shu Niange, her eyes full of pride!

That's betrothal presents.

When Fu Shaoxuan asked Shu Niange to marry him, she didn't even get an engagement party, let alone betrothal presents. They planned a flash marriage but Yuxin won Shaoxuan's heart to be the bride. Wonderful!

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