Chapter 10 The Daughter of the Faiman Family

Sandra changed her clothes and put on light makeup. Seeing she went out, Jerome who was sitting on the sofa had a flash of amazement in his eyes. However, it disappeared so that Sandra failed to see it.On the way, Lampel still worked as the driver. Jerome was sitting in the seat behind Lampel, while Sandra was sitting in the passenger seat. He was so powerful that Sandra felt depressed sitting next to him. Fortunately, carsickness was a good excuse.The roads had twists and turns and they finally drove into a small alley, inside which was a gathering area of courtyard houses. In London, no one had never seen a castle in his life, but now, looking at these ancient buildings, Sandra suddenly realized that, The castle she had visited before was not even half as beautiful as here.Because the castle seemed to have a long histroy, but without being repaired.At the entrance of the community, four men in military uniform stood straight with spears. When Jerome's car arrived, Lampel handed them a card. After one of them took and checked it, he saluted Lampel who saluted back as well. Then, Lampel continued driving inside.After about ten minutes, the car finally stopped in front of a certain castle.Relaxed at first, Sandra suddenly felt a little nervous now, pinching her fingers.After Jerome got off, he found that Sandra hadn't gotten out yet. Then, he turned to her and asked coldly, "What's wrong?""I'm... A little nervous." Sandra looked up at Jerome with a trace of fluster and confusion in her eyes."It doesn't matter. Just follow me. Be polite, but ignore their words." Jerome said and reached out a hand to her.Sandra was still confused, but seeing his outstretched hand, she put her hand on his hand silently.Sandra was led in by Jerome, and as soon as they entered, everyone's eyes fixed on them."Jerome, who is she?" A well-maintained, noble middle-aged woman spoke.Hearing it, Jerome pulled Sandra into his arms and answered, "She is my wife Sandra."As he spoke, he lowered his head and said to Sandra, "Sandra, this is my mom, that's my dad, and next to him is Selma.""Hello, dad, mom, Selma." Sandra had really been nervous before entering but she was relaxed.Anyway, no matter she was relaxed or nervous, she was ready to face criticism.Jerome's parents were still in shock, not coming back to their senses for a long time.Sandra looked up at Jerome who silently took her hand and sat down on the sofa nearby."When did you marry?" Seeing the two of them sitting down, Gavin asked coldly."Half a month ago," Jerome answered directly, neither humbly nor arrogantly.Hearing Jerome's words, Gavin suddenly stood up from the sofa, walked towards the study after saying "Follow me to the study".Seeing Gavin's expression, Jerome was clear that Gavin was angry. Then, he patted Sandra on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Wait for me here." Then he followed Gavin."Ridiculous. You didn't even tell us about marriage. Do you still regard me as your father?" Seeing Jerome enter the study, Gavin could no longer hold back the anger and scolded him seriously.Jerome was still expressionless, "Isn't that what you and mom have always been looking forward to? I just make it come true.""We wanted you to get married earlier, but not asking you to marry a woman in such a casual way.""Is there any difference?" Jerome looked straight into Gavin's eyes. "I have to get married anyway. Since then, why can't I choose the one I like? And I am reasonable to marry her."Hearing Jerome's response, Gavin was more irritated. Marriage was never a child's play. For them, marriage was even more worthy of deliberation. Not to mention anything else, just because Jerome was a soldier, he could never marry so casually.After Jerome and Gavin had entered the study, only Sandra, Candy, and Selma were staying in the living room.Just like Gavin, knowing that Jerome had secretly gotten the marriage certificate with the young girl in front of her, Candy was annoyed.Candy and Selma sat together, while Sandra sat alone on a sofa.Seeing that Jerome had left, Sandra was a little embarrassed. Selma smiled gently and said, "Don't be nervous."Selma was beautiful, with a standard oval face and three-dimensional features. She seemed to be a mustee, attractive when she smiled."OK." Sandra also gave Selma a smile."Are you Jerome's wife?" Selma examined Sandra curiously as she asked. Selma was as young as Sandra, in the prime of life.Sandra nodded, not knowing how to respond.Sort of, although they were actually in a contractual marriage."Which big family are you from?" Candy suddenly aksed, neither softly nor coldly.To be honest, Sandra left a good impression on Candy.Sandra in front of Candy was good-looking. Even without makeup, her temperament couldn't be concealed.The key point was that Sandra acted calmly. In Candy's opinion, this kind of bearing was unusual for girls from ordinary families. However, Candy didn't know that Sandra behaved calmly just because she didn't care about their feelings.Hearing Candy's question, Sandra somehow replied, "I'm from the Faiman family." As soon as she said that, she regretted it.At the same time, Jerome and Gavin walked into the living room and heard Sandra's words. For some reason, Jerome wanted to laugh. It was funny that she had said "I am from the Faiman family". Only she could be so smart and funny."The Faiman family? Which Faiman family?" Candy was puzzled because she hadn't ever heard of the surname Faiman.Sandra remained silent. She was clear that Candy must have thought that she was from a prominent family, but how could she be that?Not to mention a prominent family, she had even lost her home. Thinking of this, she was frustrated and fell more silent.Holding her petite body in his arms, Jerome frowned. "Isn't it time to have lunch? Why haven't we started yet?"His words successfully diverted Candy's attention. "Didn't you eat lunch today?"Jerome nodded. "Lunch had been over when the meeting ended." Thinking of taking Sandra home today, he went back home after the meeting had been over.

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