Chapter 13 So Thick-skinned

Sandra cursed in a low voice and pulled her hair with both hands. She was so stupid. What should she do now?

She picked up the clothes that she had taken off before and looked at them. Since Jerome's home was only equipped with shower, and she happened to put the clothes next to the shower nozzle. As a result, the clothes were more than half wet and could not be worn at all.

Just as she was thinking about what to do, the bathroom door was suddenly knocked on. Jerome's cold voice came from outside. "Not yet?" At the same time, the sound of the doorknob being turned came.

She had been in for nearly an hour. It was just a shower. She should have finished it long ago.

Hearing the sound coming from outside, Sandra grabbed the bathrobe beside her and said to the outside as she put it on. "I'll be out in no time."

Jerome's eyes darkened when he saw her coming out.

She was not very tall, at most 1.65 meters tall. At this moment, she was standing quietly in front of the bathroom door with her hair down. Her hair was still wet, and water dripped down the ends of her hair and onto her chest. Jerome's throat moved unconsciously.

"Come here." His voice was a little hoarse.

Hearing his voice, Sandra did not approach him. Instead, she stepped back. She was not foolish enough to listen to him.

"Come here." This time, Jerome's voice was even more hoarse than before, and he seemed to be threatening her.

Sandra finally walked over slowly. She just whispered as she walked up to him. "Well... I'm not feeling..."

However, before she could finish speaking, Jerome had already reached out and pulled her into his arms.

"Ah..." She was scared by his sudden move.

Sandra struggled to get up from his lap, but his arms were like steel, tightly holding her.

And his strong chest clung to her arms. She could almost feel the masculine aura coming from him.

Slowly, she stopped struggling.

Sensing that she had stopped, Jerome picked her up, turned around, and threw her on the bed. He said in a low voice, "You seduced me first."

Sandra didn't know what to say to such a thick-skinned man.

When it was finally over, Jerome looked at the woman who had already fallen asleep. He reached out and brushed the wet hair on her forehead, then carried her to the bathroom.

He didn't know that he was such a lustful man before his first time. In the past, he rarely had any desire. But now, he found that even if he only went to the military camp for ten days, he would miss her...

The next day, Sandra reached out and rubbed her sleepy eyes. Looking at everything strange around her, she couldn't react for a moment.

On the bedside table were the clothes she had washed last night. She reached out and quickly put them on.

She washed her face casually. When she went out, Jerome came in again, and the messy bed had already become neat.

Seeing her, Jerome said, "Are you done?"

Sandra nodded. "Yeah."

"Okay, let's go. Lunch is ready." As he spoke, he got up from his chair and walked towards Sandra.

Sandra's expression had been blank ever since he heard Jerome's words. How did time pass so quickly? It was noon in the blink of an eye.

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