Chapter 16 Blind Date

However, Sandra's disappointment did not last long. Seeing her drinking just now, Bob picked up the wine bottle and poured some wine for Sandra. Then he picked up his glass and said, "Sandra, let me toast to you too."

Just as Sandra was about to refuse, Bob quickly added, "Sandra, you've already accepted Nick's toast. How could you refuse my toast? You can't favor him over me!"

Bob smirked. Sandra sensed the danger in his words. She cursed him in her heart but forced a smile.

Bob picked up his glass from the table and clinked it with Sandra. He tossed off. Seeing that he almost drank off, Sandra took the glass and began to sip.

Bob did not rush her but stared at Sandra until she finished a glass of wine.

Bob clapped his hands and praised her, "Sandra, you are an excellent drinker."

Sandra remained silent. What else could she say? She looked at Ryan, who had been silent since she and Jerome came in.

Bob and Nick had toasted to her. Would Ryan also toast to her? Thinking of this, she quickly withdrew her gaze and sat there straight, without looking sideways.

Sandra prayed in her heart, "Please, don't toast to me. Don't."

Jerome sat next to Sandra and watched her subtle expression and movements. He turned up the corners of his lips. His little wife thought that no one had noticed her movements, but she did not know that her nervousness had already been noticed by everyone.

Selma sat aside and watched Jerome smile because of Sandra.

She had been with Jerome for so long, and it was the first time she had seen him smile because of another woman. An idea occurred to her. Selma turned to Ryan who was sitting beside her and smiled coquettishly, "Bob and Simon have already toasted to Sandra. Ryan, don't you want to toast to her?"

Ryan chuckled. He sat straight, stood up from the sofa, and picked up his glass. When Sandra saw this, she was about to pour wine into her glass. But Jerome had already picked up the bottle and poured a little wine into her glass. He poured very little that the wine could only cover the bottom of the glass.

Sandra looked up at him with her big and watery eyes. Her eyes were tearful from the drink.

Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, Jerome had a strange feeling. He couldn't help but reach out to stroke Sandra's head.

Sandra blushed at his simple gesture. "Jerome, Sandra, come on. Show your love to each other at home. Besides, Ryan is still waiting to toast to Sandra." Selma, who was at the side, deliberately frowned at them. After speaking, she covered her mouth and smiled.

"Jerome, don't do that. It's too scary. Stroking Sandra's head? Shouldn't your hand be used only to hold a gun?" Bob also laughed and teased.

Hearing Selma and Bob's words, Sandra quickly withdrew her gaze from Jerome. When she turned around, she saw Ryan standing there with a glass in his hand and looking at her with a meaningful look. Sandra quickly picked up her glass from the table and stood up.

Seeing the little wine in Sandra's glass, Ryan changed his expression slightly, but he did not say anything.

Hearing Bob's words, Jerome looked up at him and said casually, "Uncle called me a few days ago to ask about your whereabouts. He said that he arranged a blind date for you last time, but you left that girl there alone."

Jerome played with the phone in his hand. But Bod was flustered at his simple action. He immediately leaned over to Jerome, looked at him flatteringly, and said pitifully, "Jerome, you can't tell the old man! I didn't attend the blind date. But don't blame me. Seven days a week, he arranged ten blind dates. I had to see more than one girl a day! You haven't seen those women. They all yearned for men. When they saw me, they even wanted to pounce on me."

Hearing Bob's words, Simon laughed out.

Hearing his sound, Bob turned around and glared at Simon.

Seeing Bob's gaze, Simon did not restrain himself but laughed more heartily. Even Ryan could not help but smile.

They all knew that Bob had been forced to attend blind dates arranged by his family recently. But they did not know that Bob had to attend so many blind dates. His father was really worried about his marriage.

Bob didn't care about his dignity as well. Ignoring Simon's teasing, he folded his hands and looked at Jerome pitifully. He finally escaped from home and didn't have to attend blind dates with different women every day. If Jerome revealed his whereabouts, his father would definitely take him back and make him suffer.

Turning his head, Jerome glanced at Bob, who was looking at him pitifully. He sneered, "Did you know why your father was anxious to arrange so many blind dates for you?"

Hearing Jerome's question, Bob looked up at him in disbelief. After a while, he lowered his head and muttered, "How do I know?"

Simon also realized that something was wrong. He stopped laughing and turned to look at Ryan in confusion.

Ryan shook his head at Simon. In fact, not only was Nick confused, but even Ryan himself did not know what had happened.

At this moment, Jerome stood up with Sandra in his arms and said to everyone, "I've already introduced my wife to you. In the future, you have to help her when I'm not around."

As he spoke, he looked down at Sandra and said, "In the future, when I'm not around, you can turn to Ryan, Simon, and Bob."

Standing next to Jerome, Sandra nodded obediently. "Okay." Sandra thought that nothing bad would happen to her. Besides, even if something happened, she wouldn't turn to them. After all, she didn't know them well.

Jerome did not know what Sandra was thinking. He looked away from Sandra and looked at Selma, who had been silent since just now, saying, "It's getting late. You should go back early too! It's so late. It's not safe for you to be outside alone."

When they went out from DH club, Sandra saw the car that Jerome had been driven before. She reached out and gently pulled Jerome's sleeve.

"What's wrong?" Jerome lowered his head slightly.

Sandra pointed to the car parked there. "Your car is over there."

Following Sandra's finger, Jerome also saw that car. He asked Lampel to drive Selma off at noon in that car.

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