Chapter 5 Are You Forcing Me?

Just as he was about to take further action, Sandra suddenly curled up her right leg to kick him.

Jerome stopped her in time and looked down at her, who was lying under him expressionlessly. He looked gloomy. Was she going to cripple him?

Sandra looked at him in panic. She was both flustered and scared. Last time, she was unconscious after being drugged, but this time she was wide awake.

"You're forcing me. I can sue you."

Jerome looked down at her. After he heard what she said, he suddenly smiled. "We are legally married. This is just part of our obligations as husband and wife."

When he finished speaking, he reached out and patted her, who wore a nervous look. He coaxed her in a low voice, "Be good, don't kick me."

Sandra's face was filled with shame and anger. She had decided to be miserably taken advantage of, but then she was willing to experience the process.

Looking up at Jerome, who was the most handsome man she had ever seen, she closed her eyes silently.

When he finally finished, Sandra was still in pain as if her body had fallen apart.

Jerome took a shower for Sandra and also he himself, then he carried her back to bed.

At this moment, Jerome suddenly stretched out an arm. She was startled and dodged back slightly. Afraid of angering Jerome, she raised her head and looked at him pitifully. "I'm in so much pain. Don't touch me, okay?"

As she spoke, she squeezed out a few tears from her eyes in order to be more convincing.

Although her behavior was embarrassing, she believed that it was wise to do so.

Jerome simply found it funny. Ignoring Sandra's pitiful look, he held her in his arms and said coldly, "Sleep."

"Grandma is still in the hospital. You sleep here. I'll go to the hospital to take care of grandma, okay?"

"The nurse just called. Grandma hasn't woken up yet. I'll take you there tomorrow morning." Jerome's voice was still a little hoarse, but it sounded domineering.

Sandra wanted to say something else, but then she heard his steady breathing above her head. She pursed her lips and gave up the idea of talking to him. However, she was still thinking about grandma.

When she woke up again, she was already in the car with her head resting on Jerome's lap.

Just as Sandra was wondering if she should open her eyes, Jerome said, "Since you're awake, get out of the car."

"Well, why am I in the car?" Sandra said as she walked toward grandma's ward.

Jerome glanced at her. "What do you think?" He looked at her as if he were looking at an idiot.

Sandra didn't say a word. She just clenched her fists and made threatening gestures after he turned around.

Sensing something, Jerome turned around and found Sandra walking behind him. She looked at him innocently.

Grandma was recovering well. On the day of Spike Faiman and Yvette Dartt's funeral, she was able to get out of bed.

That morning, Sandra changed into black and helped grandma to the funeral parlor. The bodies of Spike and Yvette had been cremated. Sandra walked out of the funeral parlor with two urns in her arms.

The funeral parlor staff asked her if the bodies of Spike and Yvette were to be cremated together. Sandra refused directly. They wanted a divorce so badly that they held the divorce certificate tightly in their hands even before they died. Therefore, Sandra felt it right to separate the bone ashes.

In the cemetery, seeing the urns of Spike and Yvette being gradually buried in the soil, grandma cried into tears. Sandra wrapped an arm around her from behind grandma, silently comforting her grandma.

She thought she would be in great pain. But at this moment, she found that she could not even shed tears, as if she had already shed all her tears before.

The people looked at her sympathetically, treating her as an orphan.

The sky was gloomy and drizzling. Sandra held an umbrella for grandma, but she was standing in the rain. The line of rain fell on her and gradually caused a splash. She looked expressionlessly at the people coming and going.

When Jerome rushed over, she saw that Sandra, dressed in black, was standing quietly in the rain with a sneer, as if it was just a funeral for someone she didn't know. And she was just a passer-by.

However, he could tell from her look that she was lonely.

He felt sad for her. He took the umbrella from Lampel and walked straight to Sandra.

Unable to feel the rain, Sandra looked up and saw Jerome standing beside her with an umbrella in his hand.

She suddenly smiled at him. Her smile was like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, straight into his heart.

Sandra had been avoiding him for the past few days since that night, and Jerome knew about it, but he didn't say anything.

Today, he was going to come with Sandra, but he suddenly received a call from the army last night. So he rushed back to the army overnight. He didn't come until now.

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