Chapter 14 What a Big Mosquito!

When Jerome held her hand, she looked up at him and said guiltily, "Where are your parents?"

He looked down at her and said, "My dad left for the military in the morning and hasn't come back yet. And my mom has been in the living room."

"What should I do? It's all your fault. If your mother wants me to divorce you because I got up late, you can't blame me." Sandra kept pouting as she spoke. She wore an "it's your fault" look.

It was rare for her to grumble like a child in front of him. Unexpectedly, Jerome lowered his head and kissed her. Then he said with a chuckle, "You little fool."

He said this with great tenderness because the woman in front of him was his treasure.

"Let's go. Mom and Selma are still waiting for you to in the living room." After saying that, he put one hand around Sandr's waist and took her out.

In the living room, Candy and Selma were sitting on the sofa. Selma was holding a photo album in her hand, and they were laughing happily.

Candy just ignored them when they came in. Instead, Selma looked up and greeted Sandra, "Sandra, good afternoon." As she spoke, she smiled meaningfully.

Sandra blushed and she knew what Selma meant. Today was her first day in this family, but she slept late until noon.

Sensing Sandra's shyness, Jerome turned to the kitchen and said, "Nanny Lampel, is dinner ready?"

"It'll be ready soon."

At the table, perhaps Gavin was not present, the atmosphere was not as solemn as last night.

While Nanny Lampel was serving, Selma asked when she glanced at Sandra's lips. "Sandra, what's wrong with your lips? Why are they swollen?"

"Uh..." Sandra reached out and touched her swollen lips. No wonder she felt her lips were numb just now. "That should be bitten by mosquitoes." When she said this, her eyes were wandering guiltily.

"With a big banyan tree in the yard, there are more mosquitoes in summer. Spray some anti-mosquito water at night will be better." Selma's expression changed and she proposed a considerate suggestion.

"Okay, let's eat." The person who spoke up this time was Cindy. Selma did not know, but Cindy knew the reason to Sandra's swollen lips. Obviously her lips were bitten by Jerome. Only Selma, the child, would believe her.

In the light of Jerome's current behaviours, he obviously liked Sandra very much. But with Sandra's family background, she is not worthy to marry into the Mellman family, and It was difficult for Jerome to divorce Sandra voluntarily.

Selma followed Jerome and Sandra to come into the yard.

Jerome asked Selma, "Why are you out?"

Selma smiled shyly. "I have my class reunion today, and I have to rush over now."

"Where is it? I'll take you there." As he spoke, Jerome had already opened the door.

Seeing this, Selma quickly waved her hand. "No need. I'll just take a taxi myself. You and Sandra go first."

"Get in the car."

In the car, Sandra sat in the passenger seat, while Jerome and Selma sat in the back seat.

Sandra had been sleeping with her eyes closed since she got in the car because of motion sickness. The window on the passenger door was slightly opened by her, and the cool breeze blew across her face, bringing a gust of coolness.

"Sandra, what's your major?" Selma asked.

"Architecture." This was her childhood dream.

"I'm also an architect." This time, there was obvious excitement in Selma's voice.

"Yes! What a coincidence." Compared to Selma's excitement, Sandra said it with clam. When she spoke, she picked up the bottle in her hand and drank a few mouthfuls of water.

It was a traffic jam. The car was going and stopping, and she had been seasick for a long time and her stomach churned.

"Are you okay?" Jerome's eyes were fixed on the rearview mirror, which reflected Sandra's face. Her originally delicate face was as pale as if she had lost too much blood at this moment. Her eyebrows were frowned together because she was uncomfortable, which made her pitiful.

"I'm fine." Sandra's voice was a little weak. She felt rotten and was desperate to get out of the car.

Looking out the window at the endless cars, Sandra felt her stomach ache again. She even felt the sour water coming out of her mouth.

"Lampel, can you open the door?" She turned to look at Lampel, who was driving.

"Miss Faiman, this is not..." Lampel had not finished speaking, but Jerome, who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly said, "Stop the car."

Then he pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Sandra then got out of the car and breathed in the fresh air. She felt much better in an instant.

"Jerome, what's wrong?"

Watching them get out of the car, Selma leaned out of the window and looked at the two people outside, puzzled.

"Sandra is not feeling well. I'll take her back first. Lampel will take you to your destination." After that, Jerome turned to order Lampel, "After sending Selma to the place, you wait for her and send her back to her residential place."

"Yes, chief."

Because of Sandra's motion sickness and the traffic jam, they walked back directly after getting off the bus, luckily it was not very far from their residence.

"How's it going? Are you still feeling bad?" On the way, Jerome looked at Sandra and asked.

Sandra shook her head. "I just feel so much better." As she spoke, she looked up and smiled at Jerome. "Thank you." Then, she said to herself, "Thank you for walking back with me."

"You're welcome."

It was very hot outside. Even if it was just a little way, Sandra was sweating all over. So when she got home, she quickly went into the bathroom. She liked to take a bath the most in the summer.

As soon as Jerome got home, he received a call from Simon. "Jerome, I heard you are married?" Even through the phone, Jerome could feel the surprise in his tone.

"Who said that?" Instead of denying it, he asked a question, which was considered an acknowledgement.

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