Chapter 4 Bewildered by Her Beauty

Jerome was just sitting quietly next to Sandra. But seeing that she was anxious, he suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms.

His sudden movement startled Sandra and she got even more anxious. With her hands naturally rested on his chest, she resisted his embrace. "You..."

In her opinion, although they were already married, they were not so familiar with each other.

If Jerome had known what she was thinking, he would have sneered disdainfully, "Aren't we familiar after having slept together?"

Sensing Sandra's resistance, Jerome didn't take it seriously. He just said coldly, "You'd better not move."

His cold disposition, coupled with his years of military life, led to not only his cold character but also his cold appearance.

Sure enough, as soon as he finished, Sandra immediately stopped.

Sensing Sandra's obedience, Jerome continued, "Don't worry, Bob's inside. Everything'll be fine."

Bob was his cousin and a famous physician nationwide, who was especially good at heart surgery. Although he seemed usually unreliable, his medical skills were truly superb.

Although Sandra did not know who Bob was, she thought that the medical skills of someone Jerome trusted so much would not be bad.

During her grandma's surgery, Sandra's quite worried. Although Jerome reassured her and she had also been pretending to be calm, she was actually very afraid. After all, as long as it was an operation, accidents might happen.

After nearly three hours, the door to the operating room finally opened.

"The operation went well." There were just four words. But to Sandra, it was like a ray of light shining into her dark world.

The nurses sent her grandma directly to a VIP ward on the fifteenth floor, which was luxurious like a five-star hotel, with a separate bathroom and kitchen.

Needless to say, it must be Jerome that had arranged this. Although he threatened her, at least he treated grandma nicely .

"Thank you!" After her grandma was arranged for, Sandra turned to Jerome.

Jerome answered, "That's okay. Go wash your face first, and then we'll go back to get some clothes for your grandma." Sandra's eyes were red from crying before, which looked like a rabbit's.

After coming out of the hospital, Jerome took Sandra straight to her house. When they arrived, Sandra finally asked, "How do you know I live here?"

"You hugged me the night before yesterday and asked me to take you home." Jerome didn't blush at all while Sandra blushed with shyness.

Although she was drugged that night, she could remember all the feelings. Anyway, she was really bold at that time.

Without any response from her, Jerome turned around. Seeing her flushed face, he deepened the expression in his eyes.

Jerome was about to take the key out of her hand. Sensing his movements, Sandra subconsciously took a step back. She staggered, and fell straight back. Seeing that she was about to fall, Jerome reached out to grab her waist in time. "Watch out."

At this moment when their eyes met, Sandra felt extremely nervous, staring at Jerome's handsome face without blinking with her even rounder eyes.

At this moment, Jerome suddenly lowered his head. As he moved, Sandra's heart suddenly began to thump wildly. The sound was so loud that she could hear it herself.

Suddenly, Jerome brushed the corner of her mouth, and then straightened up. "There's something at the corner of your mouth."

"Uh..." She thought he might be crazy.

After straightening up, Sandra quickly took a step back. It was so embarrassing that she would not admit that she had just been bewitched by his handsome appearance.

"Aren't you opening the door yet?" Suddenly, Jerome spoke, as his fingers curled up where Sandra couldn't see. He thought the touch was not bad just now.

The house was not big, but it was very sweet and cozy. Sandra quickly packed up her grandma's clothes.

Not seeing Jerome in the living room, following the open door, she entered and saw him sitting on the pink sheets. With her room styled in a little princess way, it was very weird for him to stay inside.

"Are you all packed?" Sensing something's stirring, he turned around.

Sandra nodded.

"Come here." Jerome gestured her.

Sandra was disgusted with this move, which made her feel like he was trying to attract a puppy or a kitten. But she still moved over.

As soon as she came closer, she was caught in Jerome's arms. She didn't like this position. Sitting on his lap, she moved uncomfortably. Then she frowned and said, "What's wrong?"

Without saying anything or stopping her, he only held her with one hand.

She did not know how attractive she looked, just like a frightened bunny. Coupled with her pink lips and delicate face, no men could resist the temptation.

Jerome couldn't help it. He turned around and threw Sandra onto the bed. Although it was rude, however, he was skillful and wouldn't hurt her.

Even on a hot day, he was wearing a shirt. He stood by the bed, seemingly slowly but actually very quickly began to unbutton his shirt.

Sensing his intention, Sandra intended to get up and run out. During this process, Jerome watched her without any moves. Until she was about to go out, he reached out to grab her wrist and pulled her into his arms again.

"My grandma is still waiting for me in the hospital," Sandra said anxiously.

"There're nurses there." replied Jerome.

"But she'll be anxious if she wakes up without me aside."

"The doctor said your grandma won't wake up tonight." As he spoke, he picked up Sandra to put her on the bed, and then pressed himself against her.

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