Chapter 8 Night of Soul Return

Although Sandra despised Jerome's behavior, she was not an unreasonable person. She had calmed down after venting her anger. They were a fake couple, but they were married after all. It was quite normal for them to live together.

Thinking of this, Sandra lowered her head and secretly glanced at Jerome. He looked gloomy.

Sandra thought she'd better leave him now, so she turned slowly to go upstairs.

On the stairs, she suddenly felt something off. She turned around and saw Jerome standing behind her. "Are you a ghost? There's no sound when you walk." Sandra patted her chest as she spoke.

Jerome cast her a glance. She seemed to be scared but she'd been so eloquent and fierce just now.

She couldn't say that she'd just been impulsive and regretted it already.

When she was thinking, Jerome passed her and walked upstairs. He was wiry, at least 1.85 meters tall with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

He looked good both naked and in whatever clothes. He was wearing an army green shirt with trousers of the same color, looking charming.

After a few steps, Jerome found that the person behind him did not follow. He spun and saw her staring up at him. Her eyes were blank as if she was immersed in thoughts.

"Are you going to stand there all night?"

"Oh," Sandra replied subconsciously. When she realized what she'd said, she blushed and felt really embarrassed.

Jerome continued walking. Sandra comforted herself that perhaps he hadn't heard her just now.

After pushing the door open, Jerome walked in. The room was dark, and the moonlight pouring through the window shone on him, bringing out the sturdiness of his body.

Sandra pursed her lips and did not dare to look at him. She groped for the switch by the door in the dim moonlight to turn on the light.

She touched the switch when a warm palm suddenly held her hand and pulled it away from the switch.

Then he approached her. She was in the corner by the door and he just made an inescapable snare around her.

"What do you want?" She looked up at him.

With her back to the window, she could not see his face clearly. Feeling his warm breath and drinking in the faint scent of bamboo around him, she was dizzy.

"To fuck you..." His voice was a little hoarse.

He didn't think he was a lustful person. He had desires, but most of the time he suppressed them by will or simply helped himself with fingers.

But after he'd tasted her, he finally knew why Ryan was always enthusiastic about sex.

It was addictive. The person in front of him was his wife, so he did not need to restrain his desire anymore.

"You..." Sandra was surprised by his rude language.

"What? What's wrong with me fucking my wife?" He admitted that the word was vulgar, but it best expressed his true feeling.

After saying that, he ignored Sandra's shocked face and dipped his head to peck a gentle kiss on her chin. His lips brushed across her soft cheek and then stopped on her eye.

Sandra's eyelashes fluttered when she felt his movements. He gave her the illusion that she was his most beloved one.

However, she quickly denied that thought. They were only a fake couple. How could she think that he really loved her?

She was very amenable tonight, not resistant as she'd been the last time. Although Jerome was surprised, he did not think much about it and fell asleep with her in his arms after he came.

He didn't know that in the dark, Sandra kept her eyes and looked out the window quietly until dawn.

The next day, when Sandra got up, Jerome was already gone. When she went downstairs, grandma was sitting in the living room and Jerome was still nowhere to be found.

At the sight of Sandra, grandma waved at her. "Sandra, come here."

"Grandma." Sandra stepped forward and sat close to her, smiling. "You got up so early."

Grandma reached out and touched the tip of Sandra's nose. "And you didn't get up until lunch." Although it was a reproach, it was said in a doting tone.

Sandra could tell that grandma wasn't really blaming her. She stuck out her tongue and said, "I'm on holiday."

Grandma smiled helplessly.

Sandra was talking with her grandmother when her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and heard Jerome's cold voice saying, "I have returned to the army and will be back in ten days. Stay with grandma before I come back. You can buy whatever you need. I put a card on the nightstand. The password is the last six numbers of the card number."

"No..." Sandra was to say she had money.

But before she could finish, Jerome hung up.

He'd hung up in such a hurry as if he couldn't afford his phone bill.

"Jerome?" Grandma asked.

Sandra nodded.

Picking up on Sandra's bad mood after hanging up the phone, grandma thought she was sullen because Jerome had suddenly left without saying goodbye, so she soothed, "Although I don't agree with you getting married so early, I can see that Jerome is a trustworthy good boy. He's just busy with his work. Don't be angry at him."

Sandra said nothing. She pursed her lips and nodded obediently.

After having dinner with grandma, Sandra went out on the pretext of a class reunion. Grandma didn't doubt her.

After going out, Sandra realized that it was a rich neighborhood and there were neither taxis nor bus stations within miles.

She followed her memory and walked for nearly an hour before finally seeing a taxi. She sat in the taxi and gave her home address, then kept looking out the window.

At night, in the spacious living room, Sandra sat alone on the sofa with her arms around her knees. The woman on TV was crying buckets as if she was in unbearable agony.

Sandra sneered. She would've felt nothing in the past, but now the woman on TV was pretentious in her eyes.

Because when you were extremely sad, you didn't cry, or rather, you forgot to cry.

In the novels she'd read, the dead would come back to the places they'd stayed on the seventh day after their death to forget about the past.

Sandra stayed in the living room all night but Spike and Yvette didn't come back.

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