Chapter 15 My Wife

"Really?! Jerome, are you really married?" Bob cried in surprise like Simon. Bob had never heard of Jerome getting close to any woman! Besides, women normally were afraid of Jerome's cold aura and thus wouldn't have a chance to have contacts with Jerome."Yes!" Jerome leaned against the pillar on the balcony and drawled.In a private room of the DH club, Bob was in a state of shock, holding his cell phone. Ryan, who had been sitting on the sofa beside Bob and had remained silent, suddenly said, "Ask Jerome to join us. We all came except him."They heard from Selma that Jerome had married a girl as old as Selma. Ryan and the others couldn't believe it so they called Jerome. But they didn't expect Jerome to admit it.Ryan's voice was not loud, but Jerome heard it. Jerome said, "Okay. I'll come with her tonight." Then Jerome hung up the phone.The room was filled with the sound of running water. Jerome walked towards the bathroom and tapped on the frosted glass door. “Have you finished?"Hearing his voice, Sandra in the bathroom quickly replied, "One minute.""Hurry up."[...]Sandra came out of the bathroom, seeing Jerome leaning on the sofa with his legs crossed and a cigarette in his hand. She didn't recognise its brand. The smoke made her unable to see his expression clearly.Jerome looked up, but he was still expressionless. Staring at Sandra with his sharp eyes, Jerome said, "Change your clothes. I'll take you out tonight." As he spoke, he leaned forward slightly and put out the butt in the glass ashtray.Sandra didn't want to go out with him. She was forced to visit his family yesterday, but other than that, she didn't want to have much to do with him. However, no one could doubt Jerome's decision.[...]At eight o'clock in the evening, Sandra and Jerome came to a private room in the corner of the third floor of the DH club. Sandra was dressed in a white dress, with a pink one-shoulder bag slung over her shoulder and with her hair hanging loose over her shoulders. She looked charming and graceful, standing obediently beside Jerome.On the sofa of the private room sat three handsome men and Selma, who had been met before.There was a deafening silence in the private room. Everyone's gaze roamed over Sandra. Sandra was not angry and just stood there and let them watch.Jerome took off his suit jacket and sat directly on the sofa near the door. Sandra followed him and sat beside him.At this moment, Bob said, "Jerome, why don't you introduce her?" As Bob spoke, he shook the goblet with red wine in it, looking like a playboy."Sandra Faiman, my wife." In just four words, Jerome declared his sovereignty.As Jerome spoke, he took Sandra into his arms and introduced, "Ryan, Simon, Bob." Jerome then looked at Selma and raised his eyebrows, "Don't you have a reunion?"Selma had been in a daze when she heard Jerome say that Sandra was his wife. When Selma heard Jerome call her, she came back to her senses. A sweet smile hovered on her lips. And Selma said, "The reunion is also held here. I met Simon and followed to take a look."Hearing Selma mention him, Simon took a glass of wine from the table in front of him and handed it to Sandra. Sandra had to take the glass and looked up at Simon with a puzzled face."Sandra, nice to meet you." Simon proposed a toast to Sandra. Others looked at them, but no one spoke.Sandra didn't react. Simon raised an eyebrow and drawled, "What? Are you looking down on me and unwilling to drink a toast with me?"How could Sandra take the blame? She quickly shook her head and explained, "No, I just can't drink.""Besides Selma, you are the only woman Jerome introduces to us. I only want to propose a toast to you. If you were drunk, Jerome would take care of you. So what are you afraid of? Or are you... Are you disdainful to drink a toast with me?" Simon was too serious and even aggressive.Sandra knew that if she didn't drink this glass of wine tonight, Simon would make things difficult for her. So she clinked glasses, frowned, took a deep breath, and then drank it in one gulp without hesitation.Then she turned the glass upside down and looked up at Simon. "Is this okay?"Simon originally wanted to embarrass Sandra, but he didn't expect her to drink it all in one gulp. Now, Simon stood there awkwardly, holding his glass."What? Can't you drink a glass of wine?" At this time, Jerome, who had remained silent since just now, spoke coolly.Hearing Jerome's voice, others were shocked. Even Ryan straightened up from the sofa and squinted at Sandra.They didn't believe that Jerome doted on Sandra when Selma told them about it. But now, what Jerome said had already shown that he was biased towards Sandra.They just didn't know why Sandra, a normal and innocent girl, could attract Jerome who was always cold."Sandra, you look so handsome when you drank just now!" Selma did not notice the expression of others at all. She got up from the sofa and sat near Sandra. Selma looked at Sandra with admiration and said."Heh." Sandra didn't know how to answer, so she chuckled awkwardly.As if Selma hadn't noticed Sandra's awkwardness at all, Selma pouted and said in disappointment, "I also want to drink, but Jerome never allows me to do so. He said I'm still young and it's inappropriate for girls to drink."Hearing that, Bob laughed. "You little girl, Jerome cares about you, but you're blaming him."Because of Selma's condition, Jerome never allowed her to drink. Everyone except Sandra knew it. So Sandra looked a little sad after hearing what Selma and Bob said, although she still wore a smile.Selma and Sandra were of similar age. Jerome didn't allow Selma to drink, but just now, Jerome didn't support Sandra when Simon proposed a toast to Sandra after she said she couldn't drink. Thinking of this, Sandra was a little disappointed.

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