Chapter 2 Prenuptial Agreement

As Jerome spoke, regardless of whether Sandra agreed or not, he lowered his head and kissed her again. As a virgin, once he had sex with a woman, he just couldn't stop.

After a long time, she had already fallen asleep. When she woke up again, it was dark outside, and she was alone in the bedroom.

Enduring the aches and pains all over her body, she got out of bed. Because her clothes were torn last night, she had to put on an army green shirt belonging to the man next to her.

Fortunately, the shirt was big enough to cover her body. And she didn't care about the pain on her body and walked out. The fat man asked her to withdraw the money today, which was her life-saving money. Now that it was dark, she had to hurry up. Grandma was still waiting for the money for the operation.

She thought that the man last night had left. Unexpectedly, when she left the room, she saw him sitting in the living room.

He was handsome, sharp-featured, and his eagle eyes were cold and sharp, giving off a striking light, with a prominent nose.

Wearing a white shirt and a pair of black suit pants, rigorous but lazy, he was sitting on the black leather sofa with a few pieces of paper in his hand. But he was not surprised to see her come out.

"Have a seat." He said slowly. Yet he exuded a sense of authority that belonged to the superior.

As he spoke, Sandra felt nervous all of sudden. He wasn't trying to settle the score with her, was he? Judging from the fat man's words, she knew that the man in front of her didn't ask her to come to this room last night.

However, no matter how nervous she was, she still took a few steps forward and sat opposite him with some restraint. She did not forget the admiration on the fat man's face when he spoke of Jerome.

Seeing her sit down, Jerome handed her a contract, on which the words "Prenuptial agreement" were printed on the cover.

"What is this?" She was puzzled.

"Someone told the media about what happened between us last night. If you still want to save your grandmother, then sign it." He said coldly and concisely, but she could hear the threat in his words.

In fact, Jerome had met her long ago.

On the way home from the army that day, he saw a man snatched a girl's bag. And the girl was so anxious and searched the thief in the crowd. Just as Lampel was about to get out of the car and helped, Jerome saw Sandra suddenly rush out of the crowd and chase after the man who snatched the bag.

He then waved his hand at Lampel, indicating that Lampel should leave it alone.

At that time, the road was smooth. So he asked Lampel to drive the car and follow her. At that time, he saw her catch up with the man and take back the bag. He also saw her kick the thief many times as if she was venting her hatred during the fight with the man.

So he recognized Sandra last night because he still remembered the scene when she pouted and kicked that thief.

Coupled with his impulse and her beautiful and seductive body, he couldn't control the demon in his heart.

Before she woke up, he had already called Lampel and asked him to check her background. Therefore, Jerome had known what had happened to her these days, and known about her deal with Henry Moore.

Henry was the fat and short man who brought her up last night. And he was the general manager here, so Jerome was very familiar with him.

"Sorry, I can't sign it." Although she was short of money, she would not sell her marriage.

And she didn't want to make do with marriage, for it concerned about her happiness in her whole life, let alone marrying a man who she had only met and slept with once.

Even he was very handsome, she just couldn't agree.

Yet her answer had been expected by Jerome, so he was not surprised. He then just leaned back on the sofa and said lazily, "You can choose not to sign it, but if you don't, I can't guarantee that you can get the money."

"You're despicable," After hearing his words, she said angrily.

But Jerome turned a blind eye to her anger.

And he was sure that she would give in. Although threatening her was despicable, it was the fastest and most effective way to achieve his goal.

After being ignored by him, she pursed her lips, unconsciously wringing her hands. At this time, the doctor's words echoed in her mind again, "The patient's condition is very unstable. She has to do the surgery in three days."

Seeing her wavering her resolve, he then continued, "This is a contractual marriage. During the effective period of the marriage, I will not force you to do anything you don't like, and I will pay all the medical expenses of your grandmother and your tuition and living expenses. Three years later, we will divorce peacefully, so you can rest assured."

What happened between then last night was indeed exposed to the media, but his men had already suppressed it.

Now, the reason why he wanted to sign a contractual marriage with her was just to dissipate his family's worry about his marriage.

About his marriage, the Mellman family had argued endlessly, causing him to be annoyed every time he went back. Now that he had feelings for this girl, it was better for him to bring her home and settle the problem once and for all.

So she was his "excuse," and he was her savior.

After a long time, Sandra finally made up her mind and said, "I'll sign it."

To save her grandma, she was willing to sell her body, let alone now sell her marriage.

"Then go back and tell your family now."

"Now? So soon?" She wasn't fully prepared yet.

"I'll take care of everything. As soon as we register the marriage, you'll have the money for your grandmother's operation tomorrow morning."

All the time, he did not force her at all, but he was always reminding her of her grandma, because he knew how important her grandma was to her. So he was sure she would agree to his proposal.

He was very effective. In less than half an hour, they were officially married. Knowing that, she felt that everything happened so fast, as if she was still in the dream.

A few days ago, she was still thinking about her future plan after college. But at this moment, she had become a married woman.

Seeing she was in a daze, Jerome was in a much better mood. "Go take a bath, then change your clothes. We can go to see your grandma first."

As soon as he spoke, Sandra came to her senses and followed his gaze. On the sofa, there was a set of clothes there.

Without hesitation, she then went straight into the room and took a quick shower.

And she got dressed as fast as she could, standing in front of the mirror.

The girl in the mirror was wearing a white dress. And she had a beautiful oval face, big clear eyes, a high nose bridge, sexy mouth, and long hair cascaded behind her back. At this moment, she looked both pretty and innocent.

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