Chapter 9 A Well-dressed Man

Through the window, first rays of the morning sun fell on the group photo beside the window.

After rubbing her legs, which were bloodshot because she didn't change her posture all night, Sandra got up from the sofa and limped towards her bedroom. Then she tidied up a few clothes she often wore. When she locked the door, she took a deep look at the room. When her glance flicked around the group photo, she paused. She went forward and put it in her bag, then turned around and walked out without hesitation.

When she went back, grandma just got up and was eating breakfast. Because she had explained to grandma before, grandma did not ask much.

For the next few days, she stayed in her room besides accompanying grandma. When Jerome came back, she had just had lunch with grandma and was ready to help grandma go out for a walk.

Hearing the door open, she looked up and saw Jerome standing at the door. He was wearing a military uniform. Because of the hot weather, the military jacket was put in his arms.

She didn't say anything. Not having seen him these days, she even forgot that she was married.

Having put on slippers, he walked to her. She was wearing a light yellow skirt, revealing two thin white long legs. Her hair was put up, revealing her slender neck. She was sexy.

"Are you going out?"

She nodded, "It's a nice day. I'll go out with grandma."

"Wait. I'll change my clothes and go with you."

Hearing what he said, she waved her hand hurriedly, "You don't have to, grandma and I will be fine."

At this time, grandma also said, "Yes, Jerome, you must be tired after coming back from the army. Have a rest. I can walk around with Sandra."

"It doesn't matter. I left in a hurry that day, so I couldn't show you around. The environment here is good, and the weather is fine. I'll take you and Sandra for a walk later." After saying that, he reached out his right hand and patted her on the shoulder. He left "Wait for me." and then walked to the bedroom.

She stood in the distance and looked at his back, thinking something.

Quickly, he came out in less than five minutes. Now he took off his military uniform and wore a white shirt and suit pants without any wrinkles.

One of the buttons on the shirt was not fastened, and the cuffs were rolled up by him. It was supposed to be old-fashioned, but there was a hint of unruly on him.

Seeing him like that, several words suddenly popped up in her mind.

A beast in human clothing.

These days, she only came out once on the day he left. But at that time, she left in a hurry, so she did not pay attention to the surrounding scenery. She only vaguely remembered that it was beautiful.

Now, walking with him, she realized that this place was really beautiful. Every several steps, she could see a pavilion. There was also a small bridge over the flowing stream. It could be seen that every detail was full of attention.

After all, grandma had just recovered, and she was old, so she couldn't walk for a while.

He helped grandma to a pavilion nearest to them, "Grandma, how do you feel? Is there anything wrong?"

Shaking her head, Grandma patted the seat next to her, "It's okay. Jerome, sit down."

"It's hotter in the city than in the countryside!" Sitting there, grandma suddenly spoke.

In the past, in the countryside, when it was hot in summer, they would go out to find a cool place. Several old ladies gathered together and talked about family matters. If anyone had something to do, everyone would help.

In the city, not to mention help, there was no one for chat. Originally, the old were easy to feel lonely. And in the city, this sense of loneliness was especially deep.

As soon as grandma spoke, Sandra reached out and hugged one of her arms. She said coquettishly, "Grandma, you stay here, or else I'll be left alone."

Now, Jerome understood what grandma meant, but he didn't say anything. He was not a good persuader. All he could do was remain silent.

Most importantly, Sandra's words made him unhappy. What did she mean? If grandma left, she was alone?

Grandma's will was firm. What she had decided could not be changed by others. It could be seen from that day she insisted on leaving hospital.

"Although the city is good, I am used to living in the countryside. And yesterday, Grandma Liu called me and asked me when I would go back."

Grandma smiled as she spoke, "Besides, if I don't go back any more, Dahuang may forget me."

"Impossible! I only stayed with it for a month that time. When I went back the second time, it was still acting coquettishly at me."

Dahuang was a dog that grandma picked up. It was smart and intelligent. It had been with grandma for many years, so it meant a lot to her.

Grandma didn't say anything. She just shook her head with a smile and looked at Sandra dotingly.

It was hot. When Sandra went back, she was sweating all over. As soon as she entered the room, she walked to the bathroom.

She took a shower quickly. Until she felt cool that she walked out of the bathroom. When she went out, Jerome was also in the room. He stood on the balcony with one hand in his pants pocket and the other holding his phone while making a phone call. He looked out the window with a faint expression.

Seeing her coming out, he glanced at her, then withdrew his gaze and continued to look out the window.

She didn't bother him either. She walked to the bed quietly, picked up her phone, and was about to walk out. At that moment, he suddenly said, "Go home with me for dinner tonight."

"Me?" She turned around and looked at him in disbelief.


"But I'm not prepared for anything." The main reason was that she was not ready for the marriage yet. In her opinion, they were only in a contractual marriage. Naturally, the fewer people knew, the better.

"There's no need to prepare anything." The call just now was from Candy. She asked him to go back for dinner. Obviously, it was for his marriage without thinking.

Ever since his 28th birthday at the beginning of the year, she would nag at him every time he came home as if he could not marry.

"But..." She bit her lip, "Can I not go home with you?" She still didn't want to go. Although she had never deliberately known his family, from the fact that he could afford such a superior house and his usual manners, she could tell that his family background would not be bad.

She was not a child. She knew that the more prominent those people were, the more they paid attention to others' families background.

"No." His answer was concise with full of unquestionable.

She rolled her eyes where he couldn't see. Opening the closet, she found a pure white dress from inside. Then she carried the dress and walked to the bathroom.

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