Chapter 7 Hypocritical Man

When Sandra and her grandma went out, Jerome was at the entrance of the corridor. In the meantime, her grandma's attending doctor was looking at him flatteringly while speaking.

Sensing someone behind him, Jerome turned around and saw Sandra walking out with a bag in one hand and grandma in the other. He turned around and said something to the attending doctor, then turned around and walked towards them.

Taking the things from Sandra's hand, Jerome walked to hold her grandma and said, "Are you all packed?" Although he was still expressionless when he said this, he said so in a much gentler manner.

Grandma nodded and smiled. "That's all. Packing can be quick, but I have to bother you to send us back."

"No bother, we are a family."

When they got off, Lampel had already driven the car to the hospital door. Seeing Jerome and the others coming out, he quickly stepped forward and opened the door.

On the way, looking at the strange scenery passing by outside the window, Sandra finally realized something was wrong.

Turning to Lampel, who was driving sitting on the right, she said, "Lampel, are you on the wrong road? This is not the way back to my house!"

Her house was a little out of town, and the car was clearly heading towards the city center.

"Well, Miss Faiman, we..." Lampel didn't know how to explain. Jerome said, "Grandma hasn't fully recovered yet. You and grandma go straight to my house. It is near the hospital."

Sandra knew what he said made sense, but she still remembered that it was only a covenant marriage. Moreover, Jerome had already helped her save grandma, so Sandra didn't want to owe him too much. More importantly, she didn't want to have too much to do with him.

Jerome continued as if he knew what she was thinking, "I know you aren't used to the environment of my house, but grandma's health is the most important thing."

He knew Sandra's weakness, so he didn't mind using her weakness to make her compromise. Even if it was a little despicable, he didn't care. After all, he had been despicable since he threatened her to marry him.

Grandma didn't know what happened between the two of them. She was still a little weak and had been in a daze since she got in the car. After hearing what Jerome said, she thought that Sandra really refused to go to Jerome's house because she didn't like the environment there.

So she also advised Sandra, "Sandra, since you are married to Jerome, you should live with him. Otherwise, it's not proper not living together after getting married."

Sandra didn't know what to say.

The hypocritical man's words had already worked. What else could she say? She could not say she had never been to his house before. So she wondered if Jerome was just framing her.

It was very close to his residence. After a while, they arrived. After swiping the card at the guard's office, they entered the community. There were no tall buildings in the community, basically small villas with two-or-three-story floors. Meanwhile, Lampel had stopped the car in front of a villa.

"Jerome, is this your home?" Looking at the unique style of the villa, grandma asked doubtfully.

"Grandma, this is my house. My parents don't live with me." Jerome talked to her grandma politely.

"Oh." Grandma didn't ask much. Everyone had their own privacy, and he had already said that his family had a small business, so it was understandable to have such a villa.

After entering, there were already people inside. Jerome pointed to a middle-aged woman in her forties and said, "This is nanny Capener. She will take care of you in the future."

Just as Sandra was about to refuse, her grandma had already said first, "I don't need to be taken care of. I can cook myself. Besides, doing chores is also a form of exercise."

Jerome did not mind what her grandmother said at all. "Nanny Capener used to work in the hospital, and school will start soon. Sandra will definitely not be at home all the time after school starts. She can rest assured that there is someone at home to take care of you." As he spoke, he turned to Sandra and asked, "Do you agree?"

Sensing he was watching her, Sandra nodded. "Grandma, what he said makes sense." She actually wanted to say to her grandma that she was threatened.

Grandma finally agreed with Jerome. They had dinner in the villa. Because Jerome had said that grandma had just been discharged, the dinner tasted light.

After dinner, they sat down to chat for a while. Her grandma asked while Jerome replied. However, Sandra sat beside them and looked at the layout of the room with boredom, as if nothing had happened.

The room was large and was a two-story duplex. She had already guessed the overall style of the room when she saw the decoration on the first floor. It was very simple, but fashionable. It was mainly black and white, and even the sofa was made of black leather.

Next to the huge french window stood a white chair and a coffee table. Everything in the room was meticulously placed. It could tell the taste and character of the owner of the room judging from its decoration details.

It seemed that the owner was domineering and a little obsessive.

After all, grandma had just been discharged from the hospital, so she went in to rest after sitting for a while. When there were only Jerome and Sandra in the living room, Sandra finally couldn't help but say, "Why are you doing this? Did you ask me for my opinion in advance? Although we have a contract, don't forget that you clearly stated in the contract that you won't interfere with my life."

This time, she was really a little angry. What she hated most was that others made decisions for her, and Jerome obviously crossed the line.

Jerome was calm instead. He didn't speak slowly until Sandra finished. "The contract does say that I won't interfere with your life, but it also says that you must cooperate with me."

After hearing that, Sandra suddenly sneered, "I have to cooperate with you? Then how can I cooperate with you? Is it like this? Do you want me to move here, or what? I'm a person, not a thing, and I can be at your disposal."

She didn't want to say that. After all, from the moment she got the marriage certificate, she had decided to be a good girl for the going three years, but this time Jerome went too far.

Jerome frowned as Sandra went too far. "With our current relationship, it would be dangerous if you still lived in your original house. Here exists the most advanced security system in the country. It can protect you."

This was what he could explain at best. Because of his work, he had a lot of enemies. If those people knew about his relationship with Sandra, they would attack her and her grandma. Most importantly, they were married, so naturally, they should live together.

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