My Darling, I Want A Divorce


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The young girl, Kaitlynn McCarty, was set up by her half-sister Daniela Mccarty and her boyfriend Guillermo Nicholson. Thus, she slept with a drunken man and lost her virginity. When she thought her life was hopeless and miserable, a man called Maximo Cortez, whom she had fallen in love with for many years, married her. Although he did it for his business, she still considered it a godsend. But there was endless humiliation and punishment after marriage. Kaitlynn got pregnant unexpectedly but she didn’t know who the child’s father was. Her husband asked her to abort. Tortured and heartbroken again and again, she was almost desperate about their marriage. She suddenly understood his true intentions to marry her when she was about to die…

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Saeva Bustamante

me encanta esta novela

2023/12/5 Reply

So typical of this app that they have so many books that the author has no intentions of completing!! Including this one. Scam.

2023/9/5 Reply

novel stoner

very good

2022/11/7 Reply

Archana Naik


2022/11/3 Reply

glassy dew

Good Novel Read

2022/10/3 Reply

Souri Ta

i like it

2022/5/9 Reply

Rame Rona

very nice novel

2022/5/9 Reply

AYa Aya

good novel

2022/5/9 Reply

Momo Momo

super génial

2022/5/9 Reply

Navarro Kris

why does the author didn't continue this storu its a waste of my money.....

2021/10/21 Reply