Chapter 8 Just a Tool

They arrived at a luxurious and magnificent villa in various styles at Block B of Fairview Garden, where the rich in City C lived.

Xzavier was the first to get out of the car and went to open the door. "Miss McCarty, please get off."

Kaitlynn stretched out her long legs, wearing a blue school uniform. she stood in front of the tall villa, looking petite.

Xzavier took out the key, opened the glass door, and walked in. "Miss McCarty, you can stay here for now. There is a nanny called Meadow."

Looking at the luxurious but empty villa, Kaitlynn felt that something was wrong and asked, "What about Maximo? I thought I was about to marry him..."

Xzavier smiled apologetically, "Our president is still at the company. I will inform him later that you have arrived."

Kaitlynn's brow furrowed.

'What kind of marriage is this?'

Noticing her dissatisfaction, Xzavier explained, "Miss McCarty, to tell you the truth, I think you already know that you and our president will get married for each purpose. Originally we should prepare a decent wedding, but our president is a person who hates formality, so I hope you can understand this."

It meant that she was nothing more than a tool, a tool to bring benefits for both Maximo and Enzo.

Despite her resistance, she nodded. "Okay."

"Is there anything else you don't know about?" Xzavier was quite appreciative of her sensibility, which was a little different from what he had thought of Kaitlynn. It surprised him.

Hearing what he said, Kaitlynn didn't want to suppress her curiosity anymore. "Why me?"

"Why would our president choose you? is it?" Xzavier adjusted the frames of his glasses and smiled faintly, "Because you are the young lady of the McCarty Family, so you are more suitable for the marriage because of that title."

She was, after all, the young lady born by Enzo's first wife, and was more decent in identity than Daniela.

Kaitlynn sighed resignation. "Understood."

"Then you can go up and have a rest. This will be your new home from now on, and I hope you can get used to it soon," Xzavier said slowly, "The president will come back to see you after work, and you will meet him then."

Kaitlynn felt that it didn't matter if she would see Maximo as he had made his attitude clear. However, in the evening, when she came downstairs and saw the man coming back and standing at the door, she was stunned.

The man was dressed in a black tailored suit and stood in the doorway at a height of more than 180 cm. The light created a long silhouette. All these featured his distinguished nobility and calmness.

He returned from work and was about to walk inside. As he stood in the doorway, he felt a passionate gaze on him.

He slowly raised his strongly-marked features, and his deep, narrow eyes met her shocked eyes.

They watched each other, one at the doorway and the other at the stairwell.

Such a short moment was as long as a century.

Kaitlynn stared at him blankly like a puppet, her eyes changing in feelings from shock to uncontrollable delight.

If it wasn't for the innate indifference in his eyes and the perfect profile that was in her memories, she would never have believed that it was real.

'It was him!'

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