Chapter 5 Love Crap

Daniela and Guillermo looked behind them, stunned, and only to see Kaitlynn standing behind them at the moment.

"Kaitlynn... You... What are you doing here..." Guillermo was too guilty to look at her.

'Did she hear our conversation?'

Kaitlynn sneered and tried to calm down. She took a few steps forward and threw the jacket in her hand onto Guillermo. "I came to return your jacket!"


When Kaitlynn saw something about his guilty face, she felt like her heart was being slashed by a knife.

'If I hadn't decided to chase after him and return his jacket, would I have never heard those words in her life?'

Taking a deep breath, she turned her gaze back to Daniela and sternly said, "Daniela."

"Oh, Kaitlynn, it's been a long time," Daniela's red lips curved in an enchanting smile and she looked at Kaitlynn with undisguised contempt, "Don't call me that. Outsiders will misunderstand our relationship."

Kaitlynn and Daniela were half-sisters.

Kaitlynn was the daughter of her father Enzo's original spouse. When she was twelve years old, her mother learned that Enzo had another woman and had a daughter a year older than Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn's mother became depressed and eventually died frustrated.

After the death of Kaitlynn's mother, Enzo married that woman.

In the McCarty Family, Kaitlynn was like nobody, and even her father Enzo thought so.

Desperately trying to calm down the complicated feelings, Kaitlynn said calmly, "Guillermo, we're down."

"Kaitlynn!" Guillermo was stunned, "You..."

"Leave me alone!" she shouted in a non-negotiable tone, "Don't come to me, we're done! That's all!"

After saying that, she turned and was about to leave, but Guillermo took a step forward and grabbed her wrist, "Kaitlynn, take it easy! Let's have a talk! You can't just leave like this!"

"What do you want?" Kaitlynn turned back and roared, "Think of when you joined hands with others to set me up? Guillermo, we've been dating for two years, and I never thought that you're such a disgusting man!"

"That's..." Guillermo looked down guiltily but then grabbed her again, "Kaitlynn, listen to me. My family's company is having huge problems. If there is no fund, the company will go under soon. I heard that the president of Eternal Bank has had a crush on you, that's why I... Kaitlynn, I have no choice. If I didn't do this, we even didn't have money to held our wedding. Believe me, I do love you..."

"Enough, be quiet!" his explanation just made Kaitlynn feel bitterly disappointed. She shook off his hand, "Guillermo, your love is crap!"

She strode away.


Guillermo shouted, but she didn't even look back. She walked with firm steps.

Daniela witnessed what had happened, she didn't say anything and her red lips curved a winning smile.


In the hotel room, when Maximo woke up, he found the woman who had slept with him was gone.

He sat up and rubbed his aching head.

'Damn it. I've drunk too much at the banquet earlier and my head still hurt.'

He lifted the blanket and headed for the bathroom to clean off the fresh scent of the woman left on his body.

Shortly afterward, he walked out with a towel around his bottom, revealing his robust chest. He grabbed some clothes and put them on.

"Xzavier, the Four Seasons Hotel. I need to go to the office." He instructed his assistant on the phone. He opened the door and walked out, seeing some workers doing something over there.

"What are you doing?"

"Sir, when the hotel was renovated, our staff got the doorplates "3068" and "3086" mixed up. so we're correcting them now."

"Oh." Maximo nodded. He didn't think much of it and walked straight out.

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