Chapter 4 The Wrong Room

To tell him that she had been raped was something she couldn't say in any way.

But looking at her pale face, Guillermo already knew what was going.

Seeing how thinly she was dressed, he took off his jacket and draped it over her, smiling as if nothing had happened. He helped her up from the bench. "Let me take you back."


Kaitlynn nodded and tried to sniffle. She had long forgotten about why he had called her here and wanted nothing more than getting out of this place!

She didn't even want to stay in this kind of place for a second!

Back at campus, Guillermo dropped her off at the dormitory building. Before leaving, as always, he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Go back and get some rest."

Kaitlynn didn't say much as her brain moved slowly and she went upstairs in a trance.

Guillermo looked at her back as she disappeared into the entrance of the building before turning around and striding outside.

When she returned to the dormitory, Kaitlynn was about to lie down and get some rest when she realized that she was wearing Guillermo's jacket.

She wanted to return it to him as she thought that he hadn't gone far yet, and it was a bit cold outside at night. He might catch a cold with just a shirt on, so she hurried out and chased after him.

Arriving at the entrance to the campus, Guillermo walked around the corner towards a luscious woman wearing a red tight dress standing on the curb.

The woman had curly hair and a charming brow, but when she saw him coming, her face sank. "What's going on?"

"What?" Guillermo asked and stood beside her in disbelief.

Daniela threw the phone to him. "Just now, the president of Eternal Bank called and said that he didn't see Kaitlynn in the room at all. He waited for hours and has been now very angry from being tricked by us. Call him by yourself if you don't believe!"

"What?" Guillermo's eyes widened in disbelief, "He didn't see Kaitlynn? But Kaitlynn did go there, and she looked like..."

When he saw Kaitlynn's face just now, he knew that she must have encountered something in the hotel, so the boss was supposed to meet her.

"Humph!" Daniela sneered, "I thought you had pity for her and didn't let her go and sleep with the old guy, so you played with her yourself. After all, you won't do that from the bottom of your heart... Guillermo, tell me the truth, did you hide her away?"

"How is this possible?!" Guillermo said in shock, "You know that my family's company is now in urgent need of funds, and it was you who came up with the idea to ask the president for favors. I found the opportunity to get the president to lend money to my family with great difficulty, how could I possibly deliberately miss the chance?"

Daniela, however, remained aggressive. "But I called and he was very angry, saying that Kaitlynn had not even gone to the room. How are you going to explain this to me?"

Guillermo was dumbfounded, and just then, a voice rang out from behind them.

"Guillermo!" said a voice that showed mixed feelings.

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