Chapter 10 So You Want Me to Marry Her?

Maximo left and drove to another villa.

Standing in front of the door, he took out his key, opened the door, and stepped inside.

"Maximo, is that you?" From the kitchen came the melodious voice of a woman.

The sound of cooking in the kitchen made the whole room lively.

Maximo followed the sound. The woman in the kitchen sensed footsteps approaching and before she could turn around, a pair of strong arms suddenly squeezed her waist.

A low, attractive, and soft voice came into her ear. the words were mixed with blame and affection. "Didn't I tell you not to cook and eat out? Why don't you listen to me?"

Gillian turned off the stove and turned around to wrap her arms around his neck. "I just want to cook something for you. You don't like it, do you?"

"I said that in your shoes."

"I know that. I'll not cook, okay? Today, I've made your favorite steak and fish. Go wash your hands and you can have them soon."

She pushed him out of the kitchen and Maximo shook his head and had no choice but to accept her request in resignation.

Soon, he saw a sumptuous dinner was ready and a candle was lit and placed in a glass, which was quite a romantic scene.

Gillian sat opposite him, picked up a piece of fish, and put it on his plate. "Maximo, try it and see if it's good."

Maximo chewed it, then nodded. "It's delicious."

"Then have some more fish." Gillian smiled in satisfaction and asked, "Well, have you sent the lady called Kaitlynn to the house?"

Maximo suddenly put down his plate, and his flat tone showed no enthusiasm. "I've met her."

Gillian paused and then she continued as if nothing had happened. She gave a stilted smile. "Is that so? Then what do you think of her? Is she nice?"

"I don't know," he didn't know further information about Kaitlynn.

Gillian sighed and also put down her plate. She got up, came to him, bent down, and wrapped her arms around his neck affectionately. "Maximo, are you blaming me?"

"I just can't understand why you have to make me marry her. If someone else asked me to do that, it would be understandable, but it's you." He turned his head sideways and met her beautiful eyes. "You're the one I love, but you told me to marry another woman."

It would be a lie to say that he didn't mind.

He was not tolerant enough to accept the fact that he was given away by the woman he loved so much to someone else. After all, he loved her from the bottom of his heart.

"But you know what Kaitlynn means to me, and it's difficult to find her. If we don't..."

"We can give her money or fulfill any of her demands. You don't have to do that!"

"That's because you don't know her," Gillian said helplessly, "I have checked her information and inquired from her close classmates and friends. Miss McCarty is not the kind of person who can be satisfied with money. She is independent. Though she has a father who owns a company, she has been living on her own for so many years. She is disdainful of the money and status given for free."

"So you want me to marry her?"

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