Chapter 14 Speak, What Is Your Purpose?

Pulling the ugly-faced Maximo to sit on a chair at the back, Kaitlynn instructed him, "Sit here and wait, I'll get in line. I'll call you when it's our turn."

Without giving him the chance to speak, she turned and stood at the back of the line.

Maximo pulled his tie in irritation. He was in a bad mood today, and now that he had met such an odd woman, he was even more upset.

Fortunately, he was well-educated and wouldn't make things difficult for that lady.

He scanned around casually, and he was instantly attracted by the thin woman at the very back of the line.

She was thin, about 165 cm in washed-out jeans and a shirt, and so plain that she couldn't stand out in the crowd. From his angle, he could just make out her plain, pretty profile.

It was the first time he had looked seriously at the woman who was to become his wife. The toughness and seriousness of her face caught his eye and recalled a familiar feeling of her...

He always felt that he had seen her before.

Kaitlynn stood behind the line and she had sensed his gaze. She turned and cast a glance. Maximo shifted his gaze away and his anxious look showed that he was somewhat guilty.

His brow twitched when he realized his actions.

'What was he doing here?'

Little by little, time passed and it was finally their turn.

The registrar handed them the certificates, and scold Maximo, "Young man, you should cherish such a good wife. She was queuing by herself just now! If I were her, I would have left without saying a word. You are her husband, not master!"

Hearing the lady's reprimand, Maximo's brow twitched slightly.

Kaitlynn was afraid that the lady would go on and on, so she took the marriage certificate and bend down to thank her. "Thank you. I'm sorry for putting you out like this. We have to go now."

After saying that, she took Maximo's wrist and headed out, afraid that the lady would irritate Maximo again.

When they got out, Kaitlynn let out a long breath of relief, feeling as if she had just been through a disaster.

Maximo stood next to her and glanced at her. "Can you let go now?"

His cold eyes indicated that she was holding his hand, and Kaitlynn's fair face flushed and she let go awkwardly. "Sorry, I didn't notice..."

Maximo suddenly sneered. "You're very proud of yourself, aren't you?"

"Pardon?" Kaitlynn was stunned.

He faced her, and his sharp eyes fixed on her. "Do you think I will believe you? Do you really think I'm that gullible?"

Uncomfortable with his sudden change of expression, Kaitlynn frowned. "I can't understand what you're saying."

"You can't understand?" He narrowed his deep eyes slightly and questioned, "I have your name on my household register, what's the point of hiding it?"

He leaned towards her, and she had to step back. Such a face with a sneer made her feel a pang of unease.

Maximo suddenly stopped in his tracks and abruptly grabbed her wrist, not allowing her to retreat. "You agreed to marry me because of your father! Right?"

"Speak! What is your purpose in marrying me?!"

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