Chapter 7 I Won't Marry Him!

Hearing this, Kaitlynn almost laughed out loud. Like father, like daughter. Daniela must be Enzo's real daughter instead of her!

Daniela and Guillermo set her up to get her laid, while Enzo was about to sell her to others.

She had heard of Maximo. He was a legend in the business world, but a negative one.

It is said that in his twenties, he had made more than twenty listed companies all collapse within six months.

There was a time that he had been featured in the media frequently, so she was familiar with the name. However, it was said that he was very low-profile and he had never appeared once on TV, magazines, and such.

'And now, my father wants me to marry a man I have never met?'

"I really can't believe that you would say such words." After a pause, she added, with a sneer, "What about the benefits? What did that man, Maximo, give you?"

"It's a business deal!" Enzo said emotionlessly, "It can help my career!"

"I won't marry him!" Kaitlynn's face suddenly sank and she grabbed the phone tighter, "If you want to marry a daughter off, let Daniela do it! She's older than me and more suitable for your ideal marriage! I have grown up, and I have the right to make my own decision!"

She was disgusted at the feeling that her life was to be manipulated by others.

When her mother fell ill and died, Enzo was taking care of another woman.

For the sake of that woman, he didn't even visit her mother for the last time, and to this day, she still remembered the deeply depressed eyes of her mother before she died.

She hated the McCarty Family, the place that had been taken over by another woman.

She also hated her father.

"As long as is the member of the McCarty Family, I have the right to make decisions for you," Enzo's cold and compelling voice came over the line, "I've made up my mind. What you can do is obey my order. If you want to see your grandmother again, you'd better comply. Otherwise, you'll never see her again in your life!"

With that, he hung up the phone.

Listening to the beeping sound coming from the phone, Kaitlynn was so angry that she almost smashed it!

'Damn, he was threatening her with her grandmother!'

Her grandmother Siena Rosario, the only person in the world who loved her, now lived alone in the countryside.

Her life was lonely and desolate, and Siena was the only person who could bring warmth to her heart.

Siena's health was getting worse and worse, and Kaitlynn had thought that she would save up a lot of money from her part-time job over the years, and when she graduated from university and found a job, she would bring Siena home with her in the downtown.

But she had never expected that Enzo would be so determined to let her marry Maximo for the sake of profit.

If Enzo was determined to keep her from seeing Siena, he would show her.

Siena was old enough, and she couldn't put through the wringer.

Kaitlynn felt heartbroken at the thought of this.

"Miss McCarty, we should go now," Xzavier asked with a smile on his face at this point. He spoke in an authoritative tone.

'Since his assistant behaved like that, then what kind of man would Maximo be?

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