Chapter 12 Or Else, Piss off Now!

Sensing that someone was watching him, Maximo put down his newspaper. He looked back at her. He spoke nonchalantly, "We've only met twice so far, but this is the second time you've looked at me like this."

Kaitlynn froze for a moment as he suddenly stood up to walk towards her.

He bent down and leaned towards the woman. His face perfect, his lips curved in a compelling smile, "Will my face be clearer in this way?"

"Uh..." She stared at his face close at hand, she blushed and recoiled in embarrassment. "Sorry..."

It was so rude to stare at a man as she did, and he clearly remembered that it was her second time.

Unlike her, who had a panic-stricken red face, Maximo gave a vague sneer as he turned. "Hurry up and go eat breakfast. Your family has sent the documents."

It meant that they were going to register for marriage right away!

Although she was prepared, when Kaitlynn arrived at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau with Maximo, her heart was pounding uncontrollably and she was so nervous that she was bathed in perspiration.

'It is like a dream.'

The person she once thought she would never see again was at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau with her. She was trying to pinch herself to verify if it was the reality.

But before she could do that, someone behind her yelled, "Hey, what are you doing at the entrance? would you mind moving out of the way, okay? My wife and I are in a hurry to get registered!"

Kaitlynn hurriedly made way, flushing, and she bent down to apologize, "I'm sorry."

The couple took a strange look at Maximo and Kaitlynn. They thought that they didn't appear normal.

Because when they arrived at the entrance, the two stood there for five minutes without saying a word and did not go in.

After the couple went in, Kaitlynn cast a cautious glance at Maximo. "Max... We should go in too."

She wanted to call him by his name, but she had never done that before. It was a little hard to do so.

Maximo looked distracted. He was fiddling with his phone and did not even glance at her. He said perfunctorily, "After you."

"What about you?"

"I told you to go in!" He shot her a look like a dagger, "Remember, our marriage is based on profit, and don't try to find out anything about me! If you don't want things to go bad, do as I say. Or else, piss off now!"

Kaitlynn froze, a touch of embarrassment flashing across her face. With an effort, she gave a stilted smile. "I'll go in now."

She was scared by his attitude and hurt by his words and gaze.

'Whose call is he expecting?'

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