My Darling, I Want A Divorce

Chapter 1 Surprise

Lying in bed, Kaitlynn was about to fall asleep when the mobile phone next to her pillow suddenly rang.

She rolled over and reached out, grabbing the phone to her ear in a daze. "Hello?"

"Kaitlynn, it's me, you were sleeping?" On the phone came the tentative voice of her boyfriend of two years, Guillermo.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Kaitlynn said feebly with her eyes closed.

"Get up now and come to the Four Seasons Hotel. I have a surprise for you," Guillermo said mysteriously, "Hurry up, come now."

Hearing this, Kaitlynn frowned in displeasure and glanced at the watch on her wrist. It was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

'Why did Guillermo call me to the Four Seasons Hotel now?'

But before she could ask, Guillermo continued, "Kaitlynn, see you."

When he finished, there was a beep on the phone as he hung up.

Kaitlynn dropped the phone and sat up, scratching her hair in annoyance.

'What's wrong with Guillermo? I feel strange about his words.'

She was about to graduate from her university and had to cram for upcoming tests, and she had a part-time job to do tomorrow morning, so she didn't feel like going out now.

But he was her boyfriend, after all, so she couldn't ignore him. She got up and quickly put on a dress. She hurried out of the dormitory and took a taxi to the Four Seasons Hotel at the entrance of the campus.

Sitting in the car, she felt her phone vibrating.

Kaitlynn received a text.

"VIP room 3086. Come here soon."

She thought that Guillermo was a bit weird tonight. he asked her to go to the hotel and had booked a room.

Thinking of this, Kaitlynn blushed and her face was burning.

Although she had been dating Guillermo for two years, the most intimate things between them were kissing and holding hands, and they had never slept together.

They had agreed that they would get married when she graduated from college...

It didn't take long to arrive at the Four Seasons Hotel. Kaitlynn stood at the door of VIP room 3086. She clenched her hands nervously. After a while of hesitation, she called Guillermo.

But he didn't pick up the phone. Kaitlynn frowned and was about to dial his number again when another text message came.

It was still from Guillermo. "Are you there? The door is unlocked. Come in."

Kaitlynn looked at the text message in a daze. She felt more and more strange. 'What's his surprise for me?'

Putting the phone away, Kaitlynn reached out to turn the handle, only to find that the door was ajar.

"Guillermo?" She shouted but got no response from inside.

Kaitlynn reached out and pushed the door open. She found the curtains closed and the room dark, making it impossible for her to see anything inside.

"Guillermo, I'm here. Where are you?" She stepped in and looked around the room, but the light was too dim and she suffered from mild night blindness, so she could barely see anything.

She took a few more steps inside, but just as she entered, the door was slammed behind her.

Kaitlynn was startled and subconsciously turned to look backward, but to her surprise, a pair of arms was suddenly wrapped around her waist, and a strong smell of alcohol and a man's scent came into her nostrils.

A low, ear-pleasing, masculine voice echoed in her ear. "You are quicker than I thought. Miss me too much?"

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