Chapter 16 What Are You Doing back Here?

Kaitlynn arrived at the McCarty's and got out of the car. She stood at the gate and looked up at the familiar yet strange house.

She vaguely remembered that the last time she stepped into this house was when she was a junior.

After that, she had never come back, and all these years, apart from the tuition fees, she had to pay for her living expenses. In high school, she was so lucky to have her mother's legacy that she didn't have to live a hard life. And after that, she studied while doing part-time jobs.

Coming back to this place again, she didn't expect such a scenario. Thinking about it, she felt so ironic.

"Kaitlynn?" Daniela, who was about to go out, saw her sister standing in front of the gate.

She raised her eyebrows. "What are you doing here?"

Her cold attitude pulled Kaitlynn back to reality. "To get my things."

"Haven't you moved all your stuff out?" Daniela sized her up, "I heard you got married today. You didn't come back for the red envelope, did you?"

Kaitlynn didn't bother to argue with her and took a step inside. But when she passed Daniela, Daniela suddenly backed off and blocked her way. "Kaitlynn, let me tell you, my family has nothing to do with you, and you'd better stop thinking of taking anything away from here. The owners of the house are now my mother and me. Do you understand?"

Her arrogant attitude as a hostess made Kaitlynn frown.

Kaitlynn looked up and met her contemptuous gaze. She said coldly, "Get out of the way!"

"Well..." As if Daniela hadn't heard anything, her lips curved in an enchanting smile, "It seems that Guillermo doesn't know that you got married today, should I tell him? I wonder what he will do if he knows that?"

Kaitlynn felt uncomfortable at the mention of Guillermo. She had not been in touch with Guillermo since her departure, and her phone had been switched off all the time, so she did not know whether Guillermo had looked for her.

What Guillermo and Daniela had done to her was like a shadow that she could never let go of!

"Tell him all if you want. You've been hitting it off together for a long time, haven't you? In addition, You can ignore me. That will do both you and me good." Kaitlynn did not want to argue with Daniela and suddenly reached out and pushed Daniela away. She passed right by her.

Daniela, who was on high heels, was caught off guard by Kaitlynn's push and stumbled before she could stabilize herself.

"Don't think I wouldn't do it! I'll call and tell him now!" she turned her head to glare at Kaitlynn and her chest rose and fell rapidly due to extreme anger.

Kaitlynn ignored her and didn't even turn her head.

Enzo had gone to work, and the only person in the living room was Kaitlynn's stepmother Ashtyn, who was crossing her long legs and painting her nails.

When Ashtyn heard the quarrel, she looked up and saw the person standing in the doorway, froze, "Yo, I wonder who it was, so it's you."

Kaitlynn ignored her and walked towards the second floor.

Though Ashtyn had gotten used to her coldness, she was still angered by that. So she put down the nail polish and hurried after Kaitlynn.

"Didn't you get out of here a long time ago? What are you doing back here?"

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