Chapter 15 I Need to Know How Many Times She has Been to the Toilet

Kaitlynn was simply shocked. The man who had just married her said that she had an ax to grind?

"Why don't you speak?" Maximo squinted as he curved his lips, "Are you guilty?"

Kaitlynn's face sank. she saw deep resentment in his eyes.

"Maximo, although I don't know exactly who's call you were waiting for, please don't displease others when you're in a bad mood yourself. We've just got registered, and I don't want to argue with you." Kaitlynn said calmly, "You know the exact reason why we got married!"

Maximo scornfully said, "Heh, you think..."

"Believe it or not!" Kaitlynn showed a surprisingly tough attitude, "I have to go somewhere else. Bye!"

After she finished, she went to the roadside, hailed a taxi, then got in and left.

Not expecting her attitude to be like this, Maximo was surprised and astounded for a moment. He watched the departing taxi with an unbelievable look.

'She was... Gone?'

'How dare she leave like that?'

Maximo found himself wanting to laugh, but he couldn't and his current expression was even funnier than crying.

"Damn it!" He snapped back and kicked off the bin behind him with anger.

Even if Gillian hadn't sent a message, and he had been despised by the registrar, that's OK for him. But now, even this woman, who had never dared to speak aloud in front of him since they first met, scowled him!

Back in the luxurious Lamborghini, Maximo slammed the door and took out his mobile phone to dial a number.

As soon as the call was answered, he tugged on his tie and said angrily, "Find out everything about that horrible woman, including how many times she's eaten, how many times she's gone to the toilet, and how much hair she's lost! I want to know everything, everything about her!"

"Which woman?" Xzavier was confused.

"That woman!" Roaring out these words in anger, Maximo threw the phone away.

Since he was a child, he had never suffered this kind of humiliation. He was looked down on by that insignificant woman just now.

The thought of it made him want to laugh, and soon, she would know what would happen because of that!


Xzavier listened to the beeping sound coming from the phone and blinked in confusion.

'Is he crazy today?'

Maximo was his boss and also a close friend.

They had known each other since high school, and when Maximo's company had just started and needed talent, Xzavier, who had gone abroad for further studies, came back to help his business without hesitation.

Although he was only an assistant, Xzavier was responsible for the outstanding achievements of Global Group.

They had stroke up a strong friendship since their met in high school, so Xzavier knew Maximo very well.

But after knowing him for so long, it was the first time he had seen him so angry.

'Who possesses such an ability to make Maximo, who's calm and composed, so irritable?'

'Oh, he went to register his marriage today, so the person is...'

Xzavier adjusted his glasses and had understood something. A faint smile appeared on his face.

'It's kind of interesting.'

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