Her Retaliation

Chapter 01 A Crazy Woman

Jonathan Pack couldn't figure out why he had promised the Laris family that he would go to the Hillside Hospital.

He didn't intend to interrupt the tranquility of his own life.

The Pack family and Laris family had been out of touch for six years. Today, he was asked to visit the Laris family with his father, Harvey Pack. To dodge the meeting, he took this mission. But now he felt it was troublesome.

Hillside Hospital was the most high-end private hospital in W City, and it was a part of the business empire of the Laris family. The features of the Hillside Hospital were its high fees and unusual patients.

The Hillside Hospital was divided into two districts. The East District was for elderly people with Alzheimer's disease, and the West District was for patients with mental illness.

Jonathan now headed for the intensive care area in the West District, where Alice Laris, the eldest daughter of the Laris family, lived. His mission was to take her home for the new year.

The Hillside Hospital was located in a scenic spot. It used to be a resort, but now it was transformed into a hospital. The public guessed that this hospital was built for the Laris family. After all, no one could control Alice when she went insane.

When Jonathan arrived, he spent a few minutes persuading himself and thinking about how to communicate with a lunatic.

But obviously, Jonathan was overly concerned, for social etiquette was unnecessary here. When he opened the door, he saw Alice was taped up on the bed. She could only move her empty eyes in a daze.

Jonathan frowned. This situation was different from what he had imagined. He asked a nurse, "How can she go back like this?"

The nurse was flustered. "Yesterday, Miss Laris fought against other patients, and kicked the doctor and nurse. We have no choice but to tape her up."

Jonathan tried to keep calm, while he secretly thought that even if Alice had become a lunatic, she was still as wild as before.

Jonathan checked the time. It was already ten in the morning. It would take at least two hours to get back to the Mid Hill Villa of the Laris family. He didn't want to have lunch with the Laris family, so he urged the nurse, "Hurry up. I gotta go right now."

The nurse had already sweated in a panic. She rushed out to find helpers, because she didn't dare to release Alice alone.

Now there were only Jonathan and Alice in the ward. The chauffeur was waiting in the corridor, while some patients passed by with slow steps. Jonathan felt uncomfortable in such an atmosphere.

Jonathan sat on the sofa. He was two meters away from Alice, and pretended to be calm. He took a sip of tea and peeked at Alice.

The next second, Jonathan got a great shock and almost threw the teacup on the ground. He took a deep breath, put the teacup on the table, and walked to the window. From the reflection of the window, Jonathan found Alice was staring at him with her empty eyes.

Jonathan lit a cigarette and gasped for fresh air. The longer he pondered, the more resentful he felt. (Isn't there anyone taking care of her? But it's reasonable. After all, the Laris family has been in decline.)

"Put out the cigarette."

Jonathan trembled and the ashes fell on the carpet that had just been cleaned.

He turned around. Alice was still tied on the bed and staring at the ceiling. But she muttered, "I hate the smell of smoke."

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