Chapter 16 Depend on Each Other

Yvonne didn't feel relieved. She walked down the stairs and gave Alice two slaps on the face.

Obviously, two slaps would not assuage Yvonne's anger, but Jonathan stopped her from hitting Alice again. "Yvonne, calm down. Be careful, or she might hurt you again."

Yvonne was so angry that she just couldn't let it go. "Why did you get her back on such an occasion? She's gonna ruin everything."

Terence put on his glasses, exhausted. "How can you leave her alone in the hospital on a family reunion day?"

Yvonne snorted. "You've never cared so much about her. Why do you have to make things difficult for everyone during the new year?"

Terence's voice took on a more serious tone. "She's one of us, and she can come back anytime."

Yvonne replied, unwilling to give in, "How could she be one of us? How much harm have her parents done to the Laris family? If Senior Mr. Laris was still awake, they would have been expelled."

Yvonne's words undoubtedly offended Terence and he glared at her fiercely. "That's none of your business."

Yvonne also realized what she had said in a fit of anger and anxiously shut her mouth, not daring to look into Terence's eyes. Then she stumbled back to her room to dress her daughter's wound.

When Terence saw that Jonathan was still hugging Alice, his face grew even gloomier. "Sorry for that. I'll take care of everything. Thank you by the way."

Alice, whose eyes were bloodshot, was now frightened. When Terence tried to touch her, she cringed against Jonathan's arms, muttering, "Dad, save me."

Terence took deep breaths and tried to pull Alice up. "Your father died a long time ago. Now you only have me."

Mabel stepped forward and handed over the phone. "Mr. Wackerman, the call has been put through."

Terence answered the phone. It was Alice's attending physician speaking. Terence briefly described Alice's condition and after a few minutes, they finished the conversation.

Terence sat on the stairs and lit a cigarette, carefully observing Alice with clouds of cigarette smoke drifting over him. He couldn't figure out why Alice suddenly went crazy. The attending doctor did not see what she was like right now and could not make a judgment, so he only said that Alice might have been provoked.

There was no medical equipment here, so they still needed to go back to the Hillside Hospital for a detailed examination.

Yvonne, who had just returned to the room, suddenly ran out of the room and stood at the staircase, crying. "If you don't send Alice away today, you can forget about celebrating the new year!"

Terence threw the half-smoked cigarette on the ground and answered, "I see."

The cigarette end glowed red, and the air was thick with smoke.

Jonathan knew that he had no reason to interfere in the affairs of the Laris family. He didn't have a say in anything.

Terence went back to his room to take a quick shower and changed into clean clothes after blow-drying his hair.

Mabel quickly packed Alice's things and applied a dressing to the wound on her forehead.

Everything was packed as quickly as possible as it was good for everyone if Alice was sent away immediately.

At the entrance of the villa, Terence was obviously listless. It was no surprise that he was exhausted since he kept drinking until the middle of the night and had to deal with Alice after that. How could he get any energy left?

There was more to the Laris family than met the eye. He thought that many things could go exactly as planned as long as he had thought it through, but it turned out that he was too unrealistic.