Chapter 03 Game On

Alice knew his intention, so she quickly said, "No need to change. It's too late."

Jonathan put the water glass in front of Alice, who then gulped down a few mouthfuls and swallowed the pills. She warned, "Don't tell anyone."

The time was just right. At this moment, the nurse who had just gone out finally came back, but she was still alone. The nurse said with a grievance, "Mr. Pack, can you help me? There are very few nurses and doctors on duty in West District, and there is not enough staff available now."

Jonathan's brows furrowed tighter. He was so close to losing his temper. Fortunately, the nurse added, "I will give her an injection. After the injection, she will be good. She will not hit anyone."

Jonathan suddenly stopped frowning and asked with a little surprise, "Does she often need injections?"

"As long as she intends to use violence. Today, the Laris family has specifically told us to give her a shot. So I must do it."

Jonathan had mixed feelings. Alice used to be a person with such a high standard and status, and she ended up like this. However, she had been out of her mind for many years. If the nurse didn't give her an injection today, the Laris family probably wouldn't be able to enjoy their new year. Jonathan thus walked out. He could not witness such a scene. After all, he had spent around two or three years with Alice before, who at that time was still beautiful and excellent.

When Jonathan reentered the ward, the nurse had already given Alice an injection. Ten minutes later, the nurse called Alice's name, but Alice did not react. So the nurse untied her.

In fact, after the injection, Alice no longer needed Jonathan's help. She now had temporarily changed from a violent thug to an amentia who was listless and stupid, like a puppet for others to play. She changed from one type of psychopath to another. Jonathan helped the nurse and the caregiver who rushed over to get Alice up from the bed. When his fingers touched Alice's wrist with bloodstains, he felt his hand was burned by it and just let go of Alice.

Alice sat in a wheelchair. Special nurses were assigned to help her get dressed and do makeup for her. Alice, who had taken off her patient clothes, was as obedient as a puppet. She allowed them to put a tomato-red dress on her. Her long hair hung in front of her chest, as obedient as her current status.

Jonathan secretly observed Alice. Her eyes, hollow and weary, were indeed not as bright as before,

This tomato-red dress was an old item from a few years ago. Jonathan once saw Alice wearing it at a cocktail party, but Alice never wore the same clothes twice.

The Laris family didn't treat her as well as before. Well, why should they treat her well if she was ill? The best quality of life for a patient like her was not to die.

Alice was helped into the business car, and she did not say a word on the way. Jonathan sat in the passenger seat and his heart was in a mess. He was a little scared. He could not understand why he listened to Alice and let her eat the pill. He hoped that nothing would happen. He didn't want to get involved with the Laris family for the rest of his life.

However, everything was destined to go wrong today.

Halfway down the road, the car broke down. The driver got out of the car to check. At this moment, the caregiver patted her head and looked regretful. "What a disaster. I forgot to bring the medicine that is prescribed for her today."

Jonathan punched his aching head lightly. "Hurry back and get it. We'll only wait for you for 20 minutes."

The caregiver left in a hurry. Alice kept lowering her head down as if she was dozing off. The air conditioner in the car was turned on and it was a little hot and stuffy in the car. Jonathan thus rolled down the window slightly, and the cold air outside swept in. Jonathan planned to smoke outside the car.

But Alice suddenly said a string of numbers.

Jonathan didn't realize what this psycho was doing. He turned to look at her, wanting to see what strange actions she would make.

Alice seemed to be a little confused. There seemed to be some brightness gleaming in her eyes. She mumbled for a while, only to find that Jonathan was looking at her. She smiled shyly. "I'm so sorry. I just had an injection and my mind is not working. I can't remember the password I want to tell you."

(Oh, this psycho is telling me the password.)

Jonathan then knew that he had been fooled by Alice and regretted even more that he had helped her with the medicine.

"But as far as I know, you won't have a chance to get close to her room this month. She'll change the password next month."

Jonathan turned around and looked at Alice. He was really somehow driven mad by her. "Be quiet for a while. I don't need the password."

"No, you need it."

Jonathan was upset by Alice. "Why did you say that?"

Alice lowered her head. Jonathan could not see her expression and eyes in the rear-view mirror. Alice then said, "Because the game is about to start, and I want to invite you to join it."

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