Chapter 02 Alice Is Dangerous

Jonathan was astonished by the sudden demand. Everyone he knew had never treated him like that, but he quickly put out his cigarette and threw the cigarette butt into the ashtray. He was afraid of Alice like always.

Alice didn't look at him and just said, "Thank you."

Jonathan thought for a while and knew that Alice was crazy but not completely insane. Alice had stayed up all night yesterday and was awake. Jonathan was lost in thought, but the call came in at this moment. It was from Alice's husband, Terence.

Jonathan picked up the phone and perfunctorily said “hi”, no mention of any title or nickname.

"Bro, I'm sorry. I was out for a contract today and just came back. I should have gone to pick up Alice."

Terence was cunning and always knew how to say empty rhetoric. Jonathan replied, "Then come now. I can't handle it alone anyway."

Terence smiled awkwardly. "Don't be angry. I'll arrange a party for you tonight. Jonathan, I need to tell you that Alice is mentally unstable. Don't talk with her. Otherwise, if any words irritate her and she makes a scene, you might get annoyed."

Jonathan felt Terence said nothing useful and replied, "I'm hanging up." He hung up then.

Jonathan glanced at his watch and felt the nurse was not reliable. She had been gone for more than ten minutes. Did she escape?

"Hey, don't stand there like a fool. Please, feed me a pill."

When Jonathan turned around, Alice was gazing at him.

After entering the ward, Jonathan felt nervous and did not take a good look at Alice, whom he hadn't seen for many years. However, when he took a closer look at her, he found nothing special. Alice was beautiful. Even though she had no makeup, her skin was still fair and smooth. But why did he appreciate the beauty of Alice? It was senseless. First, Alice was married. Second, she was mentally ill. The Pack family had already warned Jonathan to stay away from Alice. Even people from the Pack family warned him too.

(How mad can Alice be?)

Jonathan walked to the hospital bed and found that Alice's wrists and ankles became engorged with blood and full of red marks from the rope. Jonathan wanted to find a nurse, but he couldn't see anyone. He had to talk to Alice. "What medicine?"

"It's in my palm. There's a glass by the bed."

When Jonathan looked down at her hands, Alice spread out her palm to show him a pink pill. It was soaked in sweat and a little sticky.

"Let's wait for the nurse to come before taking it. If it's some self-harm medicine, I can't bear the responsibility."

Alice urged, "You'd better hurry up. She'll be back in five minutes."

Jonathan was sensible and felt that something was wrong. He was afraid of getting himself in trouble. "Why should I listen to you?"

"I can tell you a secret."

"What secret?"

"The password to Senior Mrs. Pack's safe."

Jonathan took a deep breath and looked at Alice playfully. He said sarcastically, "Alice, you're quite mad."

"There's a document in the safe with all the information about the person you're looking for." Alice stared at him and said, "You decide for yourself. Opportunities are always left to the brave."

Jonathan looked around, and Alice continued, "Don't worry. In places where bad things happen, the surveillance is always broken."

Jonathan quickly stuffed the pill into Alice's mouth and picked up the glass. But the water in it was not clean enough. He wanted to pour another glass of water.

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