Chapter 08 Marry Miss Laris

Mabel helped Alice change into clean underwear and then fetched the new clothes that Terence bought for Alice on the bedside table.

As she was about to dress Alice with it, Alice glared at her, so she quickly put it away.

"Miss, I think the clothes look pretty. I heard that Mr. Wackerman bought them at a very expensive price. Besides, the new year is coming soon. Don't you want to try them on?"

Alice snorted, "Mind your own business."

Upon hearing this, Mabel then dressed Alice with clothes she found in the storeroom. Alice was sitting in the wheelchair, watching her wash the stained and bloodstained sheets.

After half an hour, Alice said, "This's not the first time you've been beaten up by me. You just don't learn from experience, do you? Working for Terence would eventually destroy your whole family. If you're smart, you should know whom to listen to."

But Mabel just continued her work, not stopping or saying a word.

"Don't even think about being a peacemaker between me and Terence. I heard that your daughter is in her fourth year of college this year and works in his new clubhouse. A college graduate sells wine in the clubhouse? You don't need me to tell you her future fate, do you? This is your last chance. If you follow my orders, maybe I can keep your family safe and sound. If you don't, you'll have to bear the consequences."

When Mabel heard that Alice mentioned her daughter, she fell to her knees with a plop, and her mental defense line collapsed completely. This seemingly deranged Miss Laris was even more terrifying than she had imagined...

The banquet lasted too long, from noon to night. Originally, Jonathan was in a bad mood and wanted to go home early, but Terence insisted on making other arrangements for him. Unable to evade, he relented.

Jonathan hated going to bars or clubs, which were mainly for people to drink and brag.

Besides, this club was owned by Terence, who had arranged for a few women to keep him company.

"Aren't you going home? Alice might be waiting for you." Jonathan looked at Terence, who was drinking, face flushed.

As Terence removed his tie, he said impatiently, "Why going back? To fight with her? I can't beat her. So I might as well come out and avoid her."

Jonathan joked, "Mr. Wackerman, why wrongs yourself? Since you don't like each other so much and Senior Mr. Laris isn't often in his clear mind, why did you bring her back? You have money and power. Why let the Laris family treat you unfairly?"

Terence also smiled. "You're rich and powerful as well. Didn't you acquiesce to your marriage to Andrea?"

His words provoked Jonathan. Jonathan found they had nothing in common. Terence was more despicable.

"Forget it. I'm heading home."

However, Terence chased after him and sent him off. "Jonathan, after all, we were classmates with the same supervisor. Sometimes I get emotional and speak rashly. Please don't take it personally."

Jonathan picked up the conversation. "If you don't remind me, I might forget about this. I think our teacher would spit on us. I muddle along from day to day, and you have already changed your profession. We haven't attended the teacher's reunion party for a long time. Even if we did, others would think we were going to spoil the party."

Terence then smiled with some helplessness. "Who doesn't want to live a stable life? I just want to say that since you are gonna marry a woman from the Laris family, I'll always think of you, take care of you, and I hope you will be the same."

But Jonathan didn't want to continue the talk. Terence was obviously trying to invite him to be an alliance. Even though Jonathan attended this lunch party today, he didn't have much feelings about it.

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