Chapter 05 Send You to Hell

Alice raised her eyes and surveyed the room crowded with relatives, but because her mind was muddled, she could no longer remember most of their names.

"Alice, welcome back." A sweet, lovely young girl stood up first, only to be pulled by her mother to sit down again. Her mother admonished her quietly. "Andrea, don't talk to her or she'll beat you up."

The young woman quietly spat out her tongue and stayed well-behaved in her seat.

Terence rushed to say, "Enjoy yourselves. Alice may not be used to this kind of occasion, so I'll send her to her room first."

Jonathan was ready to ask his father, Harvey, to leave for home with him, but Harvey looked unruffled. "Maxwell wants to treat us to lunch at the YH Hotel and discuss your marriage to Andrea."

Jonathan felt very confused. (I was just out to avoid this matter! I did not anticipate that it has progressed this far in such a short period of time.)

Harvey gave Jonathan a warning glance to silence him. Then Jonathan turned and went out for a cigarette. (Sure enough, it is inappropriate for me to come visit the Laris family, which frustrates me.)

Alice returned to the bedroom, and sit alone in the wheelchair facing the large floor-to-ceiling windows. She watched Jonathan smoke one cigarette after another for half an hour. All of a sudden, the door was opened.

Terence, smelled of alcohol, came in with a furious expression.

A nurse stood cowering by the door and gently called out to Terence. "Hi, Mr. Wackerman."

Terence ignored her and walked up to Alice, violently cupping Alice's chin and forcing her to look up.

Terence took a glance at Alice's face, but it was rather unfamiliar. (Alice is always cold and emotionless, like a cold robot, whether she has the disease or not.)

"You don't need to wait here anymore. Go away now."

The nurse was relieved and rushed out of the room, leaving Terence and Alice alone. Terence lit a cigar and smoked it in front of Alice.

Alice frowned as the smell of smoke made her feel nauseous and dizzy, the after-effects of years of taking medication. However, she endured it in front of Terence.

"What should I do with you?" Terence looked out the window, as if talking to himself. Alice didn't care about Terence's appearance, even though he looked suave and refined with his gold-rimmed glasses.

Alice stared drowsily at the bloodstain on her wrist. She knew well of Terence's intention.

Terence sighed, put down his cigar, and slowly leaned down to pinch Alice's shoulders. "You used to be a noble young lady of the Laris family, but now you're a psychopath. When you are occasionally sober, I guess you are also sad and broken."

Alice chuckled at his words. "Your head is on fire and blowing smoke."

Terence subconsciously touched his head, and he looked at the glass, which reflected his cigar. The cigar was still smoking. It did look like his head was on fire.

Terence knocked his own head and pretended to come to a realization. "I forgot before, when we came out of the hospital, I purposely asked them to give you an injection. No wonder you are so muddled now. Fortunately, you just need to muddle through your life and you won't feel any pain."

Terence sighed with relief and moved flirtatiously to touch Alice's smooth face, finally slid down the curve of her neck to her collarbone. He leaned close to Alice's ear and whispered, "You can feel free to be a psychopath for the rest of your life, and I'll take care of you all the time, until you die."

Without waiting for Alice to respond, he yanked her out of her wheelchair.

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