Chapter 14 She Goes Crazy Again

Jonathan trod lightly to Alice's door. She had already put on her dress. The pale pink dress complemented her snow-white skin, revealing her slender calves. She sat quietly on the ground, looking thoughtful.

Jonathan mustered up his courage and walked into the messy room. Alice glanced at him and asked, "Did everything go well last night?"

Jonathan could not see any emotion in Alice's eyes, whether it be anger, shyness, or embarrassment. He said "Yes" and didn't know what else to say.

Obviously, Alice didn't care about whether he answered or not. Alice spread out her hand and revealed a white pill in her palm. She broke the pill in half and put half into her mouth and the other half in Jonathan's palm.

Without waiting for Andrea to bring the water, Alice raised her head and swallowed the pill. She said to Jonathan, "I'll have to embarrass myself later."

Jonathan squatted on the ground and asked her with a frown, "What did you just take?!"

Alice told him, "Take the other half."

For some reason, Jonathan suddenly felt pain in his heart. He did not know what Alice was going to do, nor did he know what Alice had gone through all these years.

It seemed that the relationship between Alice and Terence had been tense all year round.

It only took a minute for the pill to take effect. Alice's pupils dilated and constricted, and a layer of sweat gradually seeped out of her forehead.

Her thin palms rested on the ground, and her body kept trembling.

Footsteps came from outside the door and Andrea hopped in. "Alice, the water is here."

Andrea did not notice anything unusual about Alice and handed the glass to her.

Alice looked up at the glass with bloodshot eyes. With a wave of her hand, the glass was knocked to the ground. The sharp sound woke up others in the Laris family who had been sleeping in their rooms. Alice pushed Andrea to the ground uncontrollably. Andrea fell and her feet were pricked by glass shards and started bleeding.

When Andrea saw the blood, she was frightened and screamed loudly, crying and calling for her mother.

Jonathan knew that Alice had done it on purpose. He could only help Andrea stand up quickly. Her white lace dress was covered with bloodstains. Andrea grabbed Jonathan's arm and cried hard as she said, "Jonathan, it's bleeding!"

All of the Laris family rushed over and looked at Alice in the room, but no one dared to come in. Alice's hand was also cut by glass shards. Bright red blood dripped down her arm to the floor that was in a mess.

When Yvonne heard her daughter shout, she ran upstairs first. Seeing this scene, she quickly protected Andrea behind her and muttered in hatred, "Terence, you should keep this woman under control. She's crazy again! She's crazy again!"

Alice staggered to her feet and looked around. Jonathan quickly walked over and pressed her on the sofa. "Put on your shoes first. There are glass shards on the ground. You'll get hurt."

Jonathan put on the slippers for her but Alice kicked them away in an instant. She walked out barefoot and hit whoever was watching.

There were still some men in the family, but Alice was a tough woman who had once fought three people all by herself. Now that she was crazy, she became even more unrestrained.

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