Chapter 15 You Should Die Early

Terence hadn't finished showering. He hurriedly put on his nightgown and rushed out with water dripping from his hair.

Yvonne roared hysterically at him, "Hurry up!"

Terence straightly walked to Alice. He pulled off the belt of his nightgown and tried to tie Alice up.

Certainly, Alice would never let him tie her up. She pressed Terence under her and tightly locked Terence's throat with her hands. The blood on Alice's hands was rubbed on Terence's wet hair. The scene was bloody and messy.

The girls outside the door screamed in fear. Maxwell rushed in. It seemed that he had just woken up.

"Alice, wake up!"

Maxwell ran up to pull Alice. He didn't expect that his action distracted Alice's attention from Terence. Alice fought with Maxwell. Alice was strong, while Maxwell was old and weak. Obviously, he couldn't defeat Alice who was even a big challenge for Terence.

Maxwell retreated defensively, but Alice chased after him relentlessly.

Jonathan watched the chaos in the crowd and found that most members of the Laris family were the same as him. They were just lookers-on, standing still. No one stood out to offer help.

Terence, who had temporarily escaped, stood up cursing and shouting at the crowd, "Go get Mabel for the tranquilizer!"

Seeing that Maxwell couldn't match Alice, Yvonne joined him. She pulled Alice's hair, and muttered, "Damn! What a shame for the Laris family! You should die early!"

Her words were adding fuel to the fire. Alice let go of Maxwell, then suddenly carried Yvonne to the stairs.

Everyone was caught off guard.

The two persons tumbled down the stairs. The whole house was echoing Yvonne's screams.

Jonathan realized that he must make a move now. Otherwise, Alice would make a disaster.

He ran through the chaotic crowd to the platform of the stairs, squashed himself between Alice and Yvonne, then ordered, "Yvonne, leave now."

Yvonne scrambled upstairs. Jonathan held Alice in his arms.

Alice's head was hurt, and blood wetted her long hair and flowed down her pale and unclean cheeks. Alice, who was in Jonathan's arms, was still shivering but much calmer than before. She held the corner of Jonathan's clothes tightly with her ten fingers.

Jonathan whispered into Alice's ear, "That was too dangerous."

Jonathan didn't want to see her hurt herself to kill others.

Alice kept trembling in silence. Her eyes were still red. Jonathan knew that she could explode again at any time.

Mabel came over in a panic with the injection. Terence had been waiting impatiently for a long time. He grabbed the needle from Mabel's hand, walked to Alice quickly, and injected her, not caring if Alice would feel hurt. Jonathan could feel Terence's ferocity. It seemed that he was throwing darts.

Alice frowned. Before she could react, the needle had been pulled out.

Jonathan could feel her trembling hand slowly calm down, but her palm was getting colder. The symptoms came and went away quickly.

Alice recovered from the stormy sea into the silent swamp.

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